Bon Vivant VIP Concierge Service

Bon Vivant VIP

Life is hectic and we could all use a little help now and then. Try Bon Vivant, offering a new and more accessible VIP concierge service.

Bon Vivant is a personal lifestyle management company based in London and offers custom VIP concierge service.

The VIP concierge service from Bon Vivant is like having your own PA to make life a little easier. They are able to arrange anything from an interior designer for your home or personal trainer to get you started in the morning, through to a personal shopper or organizing a special event or holiday.

Bon Vivant assigns each of their members a personal life executive to assist with their social and leisure needs. The numerous associations that the executives have built up mean that they can offer discounts and VIP treatment for their travel, leisure and home needs.

Bon Vivant has established relationships with the world’s finest luxury and boutique hotels, offering our members preferential rates, complimentary upgrades and additional exclusive benefits including complimentary champagne, complimentary breakfast and late check-out.

Bon Vivant was set up by Emyr Thomas, who worked as an accountant and investment banker in the City before deciding that his love of London, and extensive knowledge of its many haunts, could be used to build a business.

Emyr saw a gap in the market for providing a highly personalized, all-encompassing lifestyle service that is more accessible than the existing services: “Bon Vivant is not a luxury for the select few; but a necessity for those who intend to start enjoying life’s luxuries, regain control of their time, access a wealth of expertise and knowledge, and indulge in exclusive treatment and complimentary benefits”

If you need a little help finding the perfect present for your partner, Bon Vivant can even step in and source one, with an added dinner date to top it off!

Bon Vivant focuses predominantly on travel, dining and hotels. Prices vary according to requirement.

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