Jaquet Droz – New Luxury Watches to Honor the 2021 Chinese New Year

Popular, luxury brand Jaquet Droz has introduced new, luxury watches to honor the upcoming 2021 Chinese New Year. These Jaquet Droz watches are a result of art meeting tradition. The limited series watch collection honors the 2021 Chinese New Year – the year of the Ox.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year in VIP style. Let’s leave the frustration of 2020 behind. As a result, let’s forward to new beginnings in 2021. Hence, start the new year by making a fashion statement with these new Jaquet Droz watches. They are named the Petite Heure Minute Buffalo watch collection.

Jaquet Droz has integrated two artisanal techniques for these four watch models. They are miniature painting and relief engraving. The miniature painting variation, on Ivory Grand Feu enamel dials, depicts a pastoral scene with a peaceful ox surrounded by misty mountains. Also, this painted dial is housed in two 18kt red gold cases, one in 35mm with diamonds (1.23 carats) and a 41mm without. On the caseback, both watches also feature hand-engraved 18kt red gold oscillating weights which take the form of an ox.

The two models in relief engraving, depict an ox which appears to be leaping out of the dial. As a result, the ox seamlessly moves across the pitch-black onyx background towards the 18kt gold plum tree. The tree includes twenty seven red ruby blossoms. Plentiful symbolism can be seen here. For example, the plum tree symbolizes the harmony between humans and nature, the earth and the sky. Continuing, the rubies represent bravery and victory, which are values close to the ox’s heart.

One watch model is crafted in red gold and the other in white gold. You will notice a gem-set bezel and lugs, both 41mm in diameter. Like on the dials, the Ateliers d’Art also engraved the oscillating weights with the head of an ox on an onyx background.

Jaquet Droz truly believes gold is the only metal worthy of the ox. Therefore, three pieces come in red gold and one in white gold. The Maison selected two distinctive artisanal techniques to represent the new zodiac sign. First, a miniature painting appears on two 35 mm x 41 mm timepieces. It features a majestically peaceful ox against a background of mist-covered mountains. A handpainted and softly serene pastoral scene.

This pair of Petite Heure Minute watches provide an ample canvas for micro-painting. First is a 35 mm ladies’ version with a gem-set bezel and lugs. Second is a 41 mm version without gems. As for the case-back, the first one’s oscillating weight is personalized with a red gold appliqué. The second one has an 18-karat open-worked rotor that is hand-engraved.

Each of these four handcrafted compositions of the new Petite Heure Minute Buffalo watch collection are exclusively being released in a series of eight.

As previously mentioned, these new compositions ring in the New Year under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor chose the animals in the 12-year zodiac cycle based on a race. The ox is portrayed carrying a rat on its back, which is ultimately how the rat won the race.

Each of these four handcrafted compositions are exclusively being released in a series of eight. A continuation of the age-old Sino-Swiss friendship and the Art of Astonishment that has lasted over 250 years.

Please contact The Life of Luxury if you are interested in purchasing one of the new Jaquet Droz watches, to celebrate the 2021 Chinese New Year. We offer a wide variety of luxury, concierge services. Make all your dreams come true in 2021.

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Latest Jaquet Droz Luxury Watch – The Impressive SW Steel-Ceramic

Popular Swiss watchmaker Jaquet Droz has done it again. They just introduced the impressive SW Steel-Ceramic luxury watch. The new SW Steel-Ceramic watch combines modern materials and a sophisticated design. In addition, this stylish new timepiece highlights Jaquet Droz’s watchmaking expertise. The result is a powerful and versatile watch.

As the holidays approaches, wives, girlfriends, mothers and friends will be trying to buy that special man in their life, the perfect luxury gift. Therefore, the new SW Steel-Ceramic from Jaquet Droz would be a perfect choice.

The SW by Jaquet Droz is an original, sporty and edgy creation. But one bold color easily stands out before you even get to the details of the watch. That is color is red. As a result, this is the first time red has played such a prominent role on a brand’s watch. In fact, part of any Jaquet Droz creation. We just love the stunning red color and how it complements the black. Combined with its stylish look, and this watch will definitely turn heads in any social gathering.

The hand-edged fabric strap of the SW Steel-Ceramic ties in with the Grande Seconde’s stroke at 6 o’clock. In addition, you’ll notice the link to the tip of the hour and minute hands and the quarter hour marks they sweep over. All aspects are coated with Super-LumiNova.

The watch’s impressive 45mm steel case is covered with a black ceramic fluted bezel. It is inalterable and also scratch-proof. In addition, the rubber cast, screw down crown at the 3 o’clock makes the piece water-resistant to 50 meters (5 bar). Also, you will find claws on each side to safeguard it from shocks. To increase mass and generate a sportier feel, the lugs have been hollowed. Lastly, the luxury timepiece’s hands received the same treatment to increase legibility.

Fact: each Jaquet Droz creation showcases the painstaking work that goes into every finish. For example, the lugs were hollowed to increase both mass and thus create a sportier feel. Plus, they are professionally polished to provide a mirror image of the SW collection’s signature fluted bezel.

The new SW Steel-Ceramic features a 18-karat white gold appliqués. It is brilliantly affixed at the middle of the black lacquered dial. There is a satin finish with vertical lines. Furthermore, the timepiece hands are hollowed to make it easier to read the hours and minutes.

The last point is the JD2663A-S self-winding mechanical movement has a ruthenium treatment. Additional watch features include a 18-karat white gold double barrel and oscillating weight. Another point to note is the power reserve provides nearly three days (68 hours).

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Eight Unique Angelus Tourbillon Timepieces Inspired by Cocktails

This holiday season, raise a toast to exceptional design with the gift of a unique U23 luxury timepiece by Angelus. The Swiss watchmaker introduces a limited series of 8 unique skeletonized flying, tourbillon timepieces. As a result, they will satiate both watch enthusiasts and spirits lovers with their potency and iconic character.

Founded in 1891 in Switzerland, Angelus is widely hailed by watchmaking connoisseurs. Hence, they are recognized as one of the most influential horological manufactures of tourbillon timepieces in the 20th century. Angelus’ pioneering, house-made movements and vintage timepieces continue to be coveted by collectors all over the world.

Packing a visual punch with powerful materials

Each sporty, technical, and finely honed U23 timepiece suspends the Angelus A-250 caliber within an ultra-light yet super-strong, scratch-resistant titanium and CTP (Carbon Thin Ply) composite case. The case measures a comfortable 42 mm in diameter and 10.3 mm thick. The interplay between the solid metal and textured carbon fiber infuses the U23 with visual energy.

The colorful skeletonized PVD-treated titanium bridges of the Angelus U23 series, recall the vivid hues of a classic cocktail in eight distinct shades. These coordinate with the minute circle. Each shade identifies a unique piece named after a cocktail. These eight tourbillon timepieces combinations – strong, sour, creamy, light, bitter or sweet – are the ingredients that make the U23 luxury watch models so unique.

The eclectic menu offers classics and rarities that cater to a range of tastes. U23 Negroni is orange, like the blend of Gin and Vermouth. The U23 Cosmopolitan adopts the shade of blueberry Vodka.  Next, the U23 Ocean View startles in Curaçao blue. Lastly, the U23 Tequila Sunrise recreates the orange, pink and blue layers formed by citrus fruit juice and grenadine with the idyllic sea in the background.

Tasteful design crafted with structural strength

The strength of each cocktail-inspired timepiece lies in its superior materials. They feature a unique cocktail of titanium and the highest quality Carbon Thin Ply (CTP) material. The colored bridges are screwed into the main plate, which is also made from CTP. To create the CTP, hundreds of layers of carbon are piled into successive layers in alternating orientations. Plus, they are and fused together with a highly technical resin. that is pressurized at a very high temperature. The resulting carbon fiber material is extremely hard and incredibly dense. Yet remains ultra-light, providing optimal structural integrity and additional beneficial properties. CTP is also soft to the touch, non-magnetic, and hypo-allergenic.

Angelus U23 tourbillon timepieces collection - luxury watches

With its clean vertical structure, the Angelus A-250 caliber at the heart of the U23 is the visual backbone of the piece. An open-worked barrel at 12 o’clock offers a 90-hour power reserve, making this both a beautiful and practical timepiece for everyday wear. Plus, a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock offers enhanced timekeeping, offsetting the effects of gravity, while the gear train ensures optimal transmission. These functional organs are anchored to three titanium bridges, giving the U23 its unique personality. Thanks to these bridges, the movement floats above the CTP main plate as if suspended on stilts.

The high-flying theme carries on to the tourbillon of the Angelus A-250 caliber. It’s a flying tourbillon, with no upper bridge. As a result, the tourbillon appears to float freely with a large window cut away from the main plate in the background. Hence, this allows light to enter and to illuminate the rotating regulating organ. Next, the arms of the tourbillon carriage mirror the bridges and all the wheels of the movement. Lastly, each component has been open-worked to promote lightness of material as well as aesthetic.

With the eight-piece U23 series, luxury watchmaker Angelus offers a menu of satisfying horological cocktails. These luxury tourbillon timepieces offer exclusive holiday gifting options for lovers of fine watchmaking.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the eight-piece U23 series of tourbillon timepieces from Angelus. The Life of Luxury can offer the best luxury watches from around the world. Return soon to follow our luxury blog.

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Luxury Watches from Angelus – Legendary Swiss Watch Manufacturer

Angelus is a legendary Swiss watch manufacturer and was founded in 1891. They are highly recognized as one of the 20th century’s most influential watchmakers. In addition, collectors still prize vintage Angelus chronograph watches made, from the 1930s through 1960s.

After the 1960s, the brand went dormant. But now in the 21st century, the luxury watchmaker has reemerged. Now revitalized, Angelus has clearly embraced the best of the brand’s early legacy.

Watch collectors love their prized watches. Some find the current luxury watch style appealing, while others prefer classic designs. Owning a showing off your luxury watch has long been the “in Thing” to do. Whether making a fashion statement or just showing a flash of your wealthy lifestyle. As a result, the luxury timepiece industry is still going strong.

Now using their 1930s era logo, it signifies the innovation and manufacturing excellence of the Angelus name. While now setting a new course, the watch brand has become a modern, vertically-integrated watch manufacture. Other luxury timepiece makers better take note.

The Angelus product catalog now includes five distinctive all-tourbillon timepiece collections. The pieces each range from $35,000 to $100,000 in price. Industry insiders clearly understand the significance of this feat. As a result, the tourbillon watch definitely remains one of the key horological complications watchmakers desire to master and produce at scale.

Amazingly, the history of the Tourbillon goes back over 200 years. The word tourbillon is a French word that means “whirlwind.” First developed by icon watch brand Breguet. The tourbillon was developed in 1795. But it took 6 years to receive a patent, in 1801.

The Combine both athletic aesthetics and high-performance advanced engineering. Hence, modern Angelus delivers a stunning collection of all-tourbillon timepieces. The new president of Angelus is Bertrand Savary. His goal is to leverage the brand’s strengths and unique value proposition. As a result, the desired outcome is delivering a new golden age of Angelus timepieces.

Bertrand Savary states, “In all my years in the industry, I have never encountered a brand that can tick every box for a collector the way that Angelus can in terms of value, style, and quality. I was proud to join this brand to help build on the storied history of Angelus while writing a new chapter as an integrated, modern manufacture for a new era. We are proud to design and produce iconic modern luxury timepieces crafted to the highest standard for today’s clientele.”

The entire watch collection is designed and produced in-house. That is rare in today’s mass production world.

The initial sighting of one of their watches, showcases the design as dynamic yet cohesive. They feature bold forms, technological materials, plus a strategic use of color. Along with superior Swiss engineering, the company delivers an incredible value proposition. As a leading contender in the crowded luxury watch industry, Angelus is positioned as a brand to watch, poised for robust expansion.

To improve long term wear and performance, Angelus utilizes alternative materials. For example, sapphire, titanium, ceramic, and carbon fiber are regularly incorporated. As a result, the collection incorporates unique properties of both lightness and strength

Their watches offer beam-shaped bridges and interchangeable lugs and straps. Cleverly designed, the watch movements are built like athletes. They’re lean, powerful, efficient and adaptable. Plus, Angelus timepieces are fully skeletonized. Truly a winning combination.

Giving a luxury watch has long been a tradition. Birthdays, graduations, job promotions and major holidays are a few events to give the ultimate gift. Show your love or appreciation and make that special person in your life feel really special!

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The Stylish Alpiner Quartz GMT Luxury Sports Watch

Giving a luxury watch as a gift is perfect anytime of the year. The new Alpiner Quartz GMT luxury sports watch models from Alpina, are both stylish and functional. The introduction of these three new models, also features GMT function. As a result, the release further enhances the value of the Alpiner Quartz collection.

Back in 1933, exactly 50 years after Alpina was founded, the struggling Swiss company launched its now legendary design – the “Block Uhr.” THe watch line offered anti-magnetic, anti-shock and water-resistant qualities. It came in a stunning stainless steel case. The Block Uhr was definitely more than a simple watch.

Indeed, it established the basic principles of the sports watch. Created in 1938, the Alpina 4 collection incorporated elements that are now globally recognized. Now 80 years later, as the essential features of an “outdoor” watch.

In 1933, exactly 50 years after Alpina was founded, the fledgling Swiss company launched its now legendary design, the “Block Uhr”. With its anti-magnetic, anti-shock and water-resistant qualities and stainless steel case, it was more than a simple watch. Indeed, it established the basic principles of the sports watch. The Alpina 4 collection, created in 1938, incorporated elements that are now globally recognised, some 80 years on, as the essential features of an “outdoor” watch.

Now it’s the introduction of the GMT function to the collection. The stylish Alpiner Quartz GMT is truly the heir apparent.

The latest Alpiner Quartz GMT follows in the footsteps of its sporting predecessors. Its quartz technology gives it almost 4 years of precision time-keeping. Plusit it also ensures that Alpina’s authentic Swiss-made timepieces are highly affordable. The result is without sacrificing the technology or finishes for which the brand is famous. Prices start at only 895 euros.

The introduction of these three new Alpiner Quartz GMT models with GMT function, further enhances the value of the Alpiner Quartz collection. Moreover, it allows travel enthusiasts to keep a close eye on the time at home. This fact is critical when contacting friends and family. In addition, equally important when arranging meetings across different time zones. Or simply readjusting your biological clock at the end of a long journey.

Whether it’s a birthday, job promotion or just saying you love someone, the stylish new Alpiner Quartz GMT sports watch makes the ideal gift.

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New ARRAW Spider-Man Limited-Edition Timepieces From RJ

Swiss watchmaker RJ celebrates an iconic MARVEL superhero with the new ARRAW Spider-Man limited-edition timepiece collection. Once gain, RJ is joining in partnership with powerhouse brands Disney and MARVEL. Now you can accompany RJ on a fantasy journey into the webbed world of Spider-Man. We introduce our readers to the new ARRAW Spider-Man Limited-Edition Timepieces.

The series of limited-edition timepieces invites comic lovers, pop culture enthusiasts, and watch lovers to enter an exclusive webbed world of high horology. The watch series includes three distinct models. A 10-piece limited edition ARRAW Spider-Man Stealth Tourbillon in black carbon. A 10-piece limited edition ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon in red fiberglass and black carbon composite. Lastly, a 100-piece limited series of skeletonized timepieces: the ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon.

Each RJ watch design is a testament to RJ’s quest to partner with like-minded innovators. Plus, they challenge traditionally held definitions of high-end watchmaking. With this series, RJ has defied the status quo. In addition, they are offering innovative manufacture movements. They reflect the essence and style of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

RJ designs and produces recognizable, ambitious, and culturally relevant luxury Swiss watches. So where can you buy the new Spider-Man watch? U.S. shoppers can now discover these new high-end ARRAW Spider-Man timepieces in the U.S. at Westime Beverly Hills and Watches of Switzerland Soho in New York City.

Spider-Man Tourbillon Limited Edition watch by RK

Each of the two new limited edition Spider-Man Tourbillon models is limited to just 10 pieces each worldwide. Next is the ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon in red fiberglass and black carbon composite ($97,000 USD). Also, there is the stylish Stealth black carbon ($92,000 USD).

Since joining RJ in 2018. RJ CEO and Creative Director Marco Tedeschi led a complete rebranding of the Swiss watchmaker. In addition, Tedeschi created an in-house manufacture process with the launch of the RJ Studio.

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The company is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Thus built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters, Marvel Entertainment has been proudly featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years.

The ARRAW Spider-Man Tourbillon marks the brand’s first movement designed and produced entirely in-house by RJ Studio. The RJ-7000 is an exclusive tourbillon watch. The fully coaxial construction also features a unique peripheral display of the hours and minutes. In addition, to set the time, a concealed push button under the strap at 6 o’clock must be pressed while turning the hoop in either direction.

Four sapphire crystals on the case back allow maximum visibility of the movement. The ARRAW Spider-Man tourbillon is available in two versions. First, it comes in black carbon and red fiberglass composite. Next, the second hand is made entirely of black carbon. Finally, each version is limited to just 10 pieces.

Limited-edition ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon skeletonized watches are limited to only 100 pieces worldwide ($20,000 retail). In addition to these innovative tourbillon watches, RJ also launched the new open-worked mechanical ARRAW Spider-Man Carbon watches. They are limited to only 100 pieces worldwide.

The open-worked model integrates visual cues from the universe of Spider-Man. Therefore it includes a skeleton movement that is shaped like a spider web. Also, it features a red lacquered spider as the small second, and a highly durable black carbon case. The timepiece comes paired with a high-tech black polyamide strap. It is imprinted with the Spider icon, designed to emulate the famed web-slinger’s stealth suit.

Each of the ARRAW Spider-Man timepieces come presented in a unique ARRAW watch box. The ARRAW watch box’s characteristic round shape has been customized with Spider-Man’s attributes for this special limited-edition. This time, the watches are presented in black wood, engraved with Spider-Man’s logo and web.

Like the super-hero and arachnid that inspired the series, the box perches atop eight metal spider legs that are permanently affixed to its side. Within, the ARRAW Spider-Man watche appears as if captured in a steel spider’s web. The box’s web-insert is removable allowing the packaging to be repurposed and enjoyed as desired.

RJ has made its own mark on modern watchmaking with its Collaboration watch series. They draw inspiration from icons of pop culture, from superheroes of DC Comics or Marvel like Batman and Spider-Man. Plus, they draw from beloved video game characters like Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders™, or Pac-Man™.

RJ has brought history-making material to the wrist with its DNA Concept watches. These watches use steel from the Titanic, genuine moon dust, or remnants from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, which first landed man on the moon. The watch brand was founded in 2004 and re-launched in 2018 under the creative direction of CEO Marco Tedeschi. Ever since, RJ proudly manufactures its own in-house movements at the brand’s headquarters, RJ Studio, based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

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Luxury Watches and Fine Jewelry from Stephen Silver – Say “I Love You”

Stephen Silver is a Silicon-Valley based gemologist, geologist, diamonteer, and philanthropist. For Valentine’s Day, give that special person in your life an amazing gift. A gift of love, a gift that shows how much you care. Solidify you saying “I Love You”, with fine jewelry that will make it a memorable day.

Over the prior 39 years, Stephen Silver has established a reputation amongst his global network of jewelry industry contacts and elite gemstone collectors. He became intrigued by science and minerals at young age. Hence, Silver’s expertise in diamond and color gemstone cutting and jewelry design is unrivaled.

Gemstones, precious jewelry, and handcrafted luxury timepieces offer a distinct advantage over ephemeral Valentine’s Day trinkets. We know anybody can give chocolates or greeting cards. But by investing in fine jewelry or a luxury timepiece crafted to an exceptional standard, the giver offers the recipient a lifetime of precious memories. Therefore, they can enjoy them again and again with each wear.

With this in mind, Stephen Silver and Jared Silver have curated a Valentine’s Day luxury gift guide. As a result, it’s calculated to bring joy to any recipient on this special holiday. In addition, each piece is available at the Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry boutique at the Rosewood Sand Hill resort in Silicon Valley, in California.

Make Valentine’s a special and give the gift of love, with luxury watches and fine jewelry. We hope you enjoy these amazing Stephen Silver pieces.

Luxury Women’s Accessories

These mysterious and alluring carved jade and pink sapphire earrings by Stephen Silver make unique and ideal Valentine’s Day gifts. As a result, they are ideal for the bohemian at heart.

Carved black and white Burma Type A jade stones form the heart of these handmade drop earrings. Each is framed by 4.13 carats of pink sapphires. Plus, the 18 karat white gold settings are also artfully adorned with black enamel accents.


This original diamond and ruby beaded necklace by Stephen Silver cleverly contrasts gemstones and textures with dramatic effect. Plus, the 32″ white gold chain is composed of rose-cut diamond beads (17.63 total carats). In addition, it features 10.50 total carats of gorgeous ruby beads and delicate seed pearls.

This opera-length necklace draws inspiration from the past to create a classic look. It is also quite versatile, allowing it to be doubled up or worn as a single long strand.


Dainty yet dynamic, these 18 karat white gold ruby and diamond earrings are stunning. From Stephen Silver, they feature twin round brilliant-cut ruby center stones (0.67 carats total). Plus, they’re framed by a whirl of baguette-cut diamonds (0.64 total carats).

They will make perfect additions to any woman’s wardrobe. Therefore, it will take her from date night to workday, with ease.


Stephen Silver’s original handmade ruby halo ring is both glamorous and crafted to the highest standard. Hence, the gift is for those seeking to make a big gesture this Valentine’s Day.

The GIA-certified “Vivid Red” heated octagonal step-cut ruby measures an astonishing 4.04 total carats. It is also surrounded by two rows of round brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.72 total carats.

Silicon Valley’s exclusive MESSIKA Exhibition at Rosewood Sand Hill offers chic jewelry options. As a result, they make ideal Valentine’s Day gifts for the fashion-forward woman.

The MESSIKA Experience offers an array of bold and graphic jewelry pieces. Consider the Messika Move 10th Anniversary pavé necklace in 18 karat rose gold. In addition, it is beautifly set with 1.18 total carats of G-color and VS-clarity round brilliant cut diamonds.


His and Hers Timepieces

We know that style icons need equally impressive accessories. An example is this Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas quartz watch.

Its 35mm stainless steel curved case features an 18 karat rose gold and diamond bezel. In addition, the bezel frames a silver opaline dial. Therefore the sinuous stainless steel and 18 karat rose gold single spiral bracelet adds further drama to this iconic design.


The 40 mm Bulgari Octo Finissimo Skeleton automatic watch channels the sleek, contemporary Italian style of Bulgari.

The thick lines of the sandblasted 18 karat red gold octagonal case and red gold hands offer a warm contrast to the skeletonized black movement. Also, the seamlessly integrated black leather strap is stylish.


His and hers Hermès timepieces from Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry make a truly haute declaration of love. The emblematic Heure H model was first envisioned by Philippe Mouqet in 1996. Hence is comes reissued and dressed in diamonds and romantic red leather in this Hermès Heure H Mini model.

Dainty yet daring, the H-shaped stainless-steel case of the Hermès Heure H Mini model is luxurious. In addition, it frames a luminous white mother-of-pearl dial adorned with 11 diamond dot hour markers.


Incredibly light, slim, and elegant, the elegant Hermès Slim D’Hermes watch from Stephen Silver is amazing. It makes the perfect gift for a man who needs a versatile timepiece for all occasions. The Stephen Silver luxury watch comes with a 39.5 mm titanium case. It also measures just 9mm high, and features an impressive 2.6mm high movement containing a micro-rotor.

A matte graphite-colored leather strap with orange detailing. It plays on the subtle Hermès orange accents found at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and on the small seconds hand.


Make Valentine’s Day a memorable one. Give the gift of love with fine jewelry or a luxury watch from Stephen Silver. The Life of Luxury can find any luxury brand you may want. Please contact us today.

Love is in the air, so celebrate this special day with a gift from Stephen Silver. Stop by soon, follow our luxury blog and read about the best in fine fashion.

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New Petite Heure Minute Watch Collection by Jaquet Droz

The Rat, the first symbol of the Chinese Zodiac calendar, will be front and center in the next Chinese New Year. To honor this long running tradition, Jaquet Droz will be releasing four new models of its Petite Heure Minute watch collection.

Starting with two precious metal versions with onyx dials, these feature hand-engraved and hand-painted 18kt gold appliques in relief are stunning. They beautifully depict rats and pomegranates – all set with rubies. In addition, the white gold model prominently features a case and buckle with diamonds. Also, both variations are Numerus Clausus of 8.

With Christmas almost here, buying a luxury watch for that special person in your life, makes the perfect gift. This holiday season is the time to reflect and appreciate the good things in life. It is also a time to say thanks to those who mean the most to us.

Ivory Grand Feu enameling and miniature painting, techniques mastered by Jaquet Droz artisans, are the main features of the next two pieces. Plus both cases are in 18kt red gold, in 39 mm or 35 mm sizes. But this gorgeous watch collection from Jaquet Droz is limited to only 28 pieces each. Therefore, this watch collection is very rare and will be attractive to both watch lovers and avid collectors. The smaller size’s case is set with 232 diamonds (1.23 carats).

As I previously mentioned, the Rat represents renewal and is the first sign in the Chinese Zodiac calendar. According to legend, the Rat finished first in a great race hosted by the Jade Emperor, the ruler of all gods. Being synonymous with intelligence, ingenuity and ambition, the Rat is also an animal that is closely associated with wealth

Why you ask? Well the Rat is an omen of plentiful harvests and represents a sign of prosperity. Four highly exclusive, luxury watch collection models have now been revealed. The new Petite Heure Minute watch collection by Jaquet Droz celebrates the pairing of the Rat and the pomegranate. Each piece in this watch collection showcases Jaquet Droz’s Ateliers d’Art. As a result, the work brings naturalistic scenes to life in the true spirit of the brand.

The Pomegranate:

Here’s a little trivia for you today. The pomegranate has been regarded as a symbol of life and fertility since ancient times. Why? Because of the many seeds contained within it. Therefore, fertility and continuous renewal are the benefits of the pomegranate, Thus, it becomes the fruit of power and a symbol of life.

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The latest Petite Heure Minute watch collection by Jaquet Droz is simply incredible. We enjoy sharing the latest news and product releases in the luxury watch industry. Also, be sure to return soon and follow our popular luxury blog.

Photo: Jaquet Droz

Tockr Salutes the Seas, Skies, and America’s Past, This Holiday Season

Tockr is an American watch brand with a Swiss-made heart, founded in Austin, Texas in 2017 by Austin Ivey and co-founded by Sophy Rindler. Now you can shop the new Bronze SkyTrain Watch, as seen in the iconic 2019 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Tockr has taken inspiration from the skies, the seas, and iconic pieces of America’s past for its latest watch collections. Each luxury timepiece has its own story to tell. Therefore they appeal to a wide variety of gift-givers and recipients this holiday season.

Give a piece of the past and give back in the process with two limited-edition Tockr watch series, with a portion of proceeds going to charity organizations. The USS Texas incorporates salvaged material from a historic World War I battleship. In addition, the D-Day C-47 series features salvaged material from an iconic World War II paratrooper transport.

Give something exclusive, like the new Bronze Skytrain, which takes flight this season in the Neiman Marcus 2019 Holiday book and on Tockr.com. Go big with a classic Air Defender chronograph or make a big splash with a customized Air Defender Hydrodipped. Therefore, each unique watch will make an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates sporty gear that also comes with a good story.

New Bronze SkyTrain Pilot Watch Takes Flight in Neiman Marcus 2019 Holiday Book

Tockr Skytrain luxury watch collection
Tockr created a new Bronze edition SkyTrain, released just in time to take flight in the 2019 edition of the much-anticipated Neiman Marcus Holiday Book and on Tockr.com. This is the watch for those who appreciate fine detail and the classic styling of a pilot’s watch. The new Bronze SkyTrain offers a new sunburst green dial with a coordinated drab green quick-change leather strap. These fine quality watches are available only in Neiman Marcus stores and online at Neiman Marcus and Tockr.com.

Named after the iconic World War 2 era U.S. Army warbird known as the SkyTrain, this new bronze model weaves aviation-inspiration throughout its streamlined dial. From the crosshairs to the luminous airplane-tipped second hand, it’s quite stylish. The 42mm cushion-shaped bronze case is water-resistant up to 50 meters and contains an ETA-2834-A6 movement that offers a hearty 42-hour power reserve.
Give a Piece of History, Benefit Local Texas Charities with the USS Texas and the D-Day C-47 Watches

Inspired by his own experience as a pilot and the legacy of his grandfather. As a U.S. Army pilot who flew C-47 aircraft during World War II, Founder Austin Ivey set out to combine his lifelong passions. The combination of watches and aviation in an accessible collection of aviation-inspired watches is the result. In a short time, Tockr’s iconic C47 and Air Defender watch collections have already captured the imagination of watch enthusiasts around the world.

Give a Piece of History, Benefit Local Texas Charities with the USS Texas and the D-Day C-47 Watches

Tockr Skytrain luxury watch collection
Texas-based brand Tockr was proud to partner with the Battleship Texas Foundation to produce a special series of watches, the Tockr USS Texas. Each feature salvaged material from the historic USS Texas naval vessel and the world’s only remaining dreadnought. Plus, Tockr will donate over fifty percent of the proceeds from each sale to The Foundation. This helps to get the “Mighty T”, back in fighting shape as she prepares to reopen as a national park by 2021.

Each 42mm Tockr USS Texas watch features applied luminous indices and a date window. In addition, find a luminous silhouette of the battleship encircled by a salvaged portion of the USS Texas herself in the chapter ring. The 316L steel case houses a high-grade Swiss quartz movement. Plus each case back bears engravings of the Battleship Texas Foundation insignia and a unique serial number. Two USS Texas watch variations will be offered. First is one with a white dial, pink indices. In addition, there is a white rubber strap and a black dial and coordinated strap. Lastly, all watches come with a certificate of authenticity signed by The Foundation.

Tockr was proud to produce the D-Day C-47 watch series in partnership with the Dallas-based Commemorative Air Force (CAF). A portion of proceeds from each sale benefits CAF’s charitable efforts to restore and maintain this historic aircraft and to educate future generations. Continuing, each watch dial has been crafted from aircraft material salvaged during the restoration of “That’s All, Brother.” It’s the World War II paratrooper transport that led the combat charge into Normandy 75 years ago.

Dials vary from slightly worn Clean Cut dials to heavily weathered Stamped dials and Hard Worn dials. Each watch preserves the plane’s original markings with special sealant under a sapphire crystal. The 42mm cushion-shaped case houses a Swiss automatic ETA 2834 A6 movement. All D-Day C-47 models come packaged in a keepsake wooden box complete with two straps – a drab green canvas strap and a brown leather band. Gift a limited-edition D-Day C-47 bronze edition (one of only 75 pieces) or a stainless-steel edition, one of only 500 in the world.

Give the Gift of High Performance with the Tockr Air Defender Series

Tockr Skytrain luxury watch collection
Those on the move need a watch that can keep up. Gift the Tockr Air Defender chronograph to anyone who needs a stylish watch that also offers long-running performance. The 45-millimeter stainless-steel chronograph takes visual cues from classic 1970s era pilot watches while adhering to strict NATO specifications. You get water-resistance up to 100 meters, vivid luminescence, and a 42-hour power reserve. Due to its top-grade Valjoux 7750 Swiss-made automatic movement.

The Air Defender’s many colorful options include matte black, sunburst blue, dark green, panda, or silver dials paired with a brushed, polished, or PVD coated stainless-steel bracelet. Also it comes with a hand-stitched calfskin leather strap, or a custom “Stealth” Strap by HIX Design studio.

For those who appreciate daring design, the Air Defender Hydrodipped makes the perfect holiday gift. Tockr is one of the only watchmakers in the world to adopt hydrographic printing to adorn its watch cases. It’s a fascinating immersion printed technique, long associated with motorsports and industrial design. But also a renegade choice for the world of watchmaking.

The bold prints offered include Tie-Dye, Magma, black or blue Carbon, black or green Camo, or special custom patterns from a library of graphic themes. Complete the custom look with hydrodipped dial elements and coordinated straps, from hand-stitched calfskin to alligator to toad leather straps. Plus choose a custom “Stealth” strap, created in partnership with the HIX Design studio.

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RJ ARRAW Marine Collection – Sport Chronographs for All Seasons

The highly respected RJ watch brand was founded in 2004, then re-launched in 2018 under the creative direction of CEO Marco Tedeschi. RJ brings a distinctive design to every wrist with the stunning ARRAW Marine chronograph collection. It’s an impressive luxury watch collection!

The ARRAW Marine chronograph is a 10-piece limited edition series. It’s the perfect chronograph for all seasons, offering both men and women sophisticated form and function to complement an active lifestyle. RJ proudly manufactures its own in-house movements at the brand’s headquarters, RJ Studio, based out of Geneva, Switzerland.

RJ has balanced striking form with impressive functionality in the ARRAW Marine. These incredible timepieces demonstrate the independent watchmaker’s excellence in the art and craft of horology. They are executed in a stand-out style inspired by the marine world.

The ARRAW Marine’s iconic design is instantly recognizable thanks to its four RJ Bumpers. These rubber bumpers punctuate the models’ 42 mm or 45 mm satin-brushed cases. These are available in collectors’ choice of 18 karat red gold, titanium, two-tone red gold and titanium, or black ceramic. The rubber motif carries through to the coordinated white or black rubber accents on the screw-down crown and push buttons.

The RJ Bumpers also draw the eye inward to admire the ARRAW Marine’s sun-brushed, galvanized, and gradient-painted dial. Transparent lacquer emphasizes each dial’s dimensional effect, encased within a domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

Bold detailing brings each element of the dial into sharp focus. From the hands to the chronograph subdials, which include a small seconds counter at 3 o’clock and a 30 minutes counter at 9 o’clock. Plus find a 12 hours counter and date window at 6 o’clock.

Indexes, numerals, counters, and hands are uniformly plated in red gold or rhodium-plated. The finish is with a satin-brushed texture and enhanced with white SuperLuminova. The resulting visual impression is both cohesive and highly legible.

The bezels of select ARRAW Marine timepieces have been set with round brilliant or baguette cut diamonds. While the surfaces of a few special models have been fully paved with diamonds, from the bezel to the case. The sparkling diamond set ARRAW Marine models feature anywhere from 1.5 total carats in diamond weight to over 5 carats total.

The self-winding chronograph offers up to 42 hours of power reserve. A screw-down crown protects the movement from the elements, reinforcing the water-resistance of the ARRAW Marine up to 330 feet. RJ has also equipped the ARRAW Marine with a clever interchangeable ARRAW rubber strap. Users can easily swap out other RJ strap colors and styles as they please, with no tools required.

RJ has made its own mark on modern watchmaking with its Collaboration watch series. Their watch designs draw inspiration from icons of pop culture, from superheroes of DC Comics or Marvel like Batman and Spider-Man. Even beloved video game characters like Super Mario Bros., Space Invaders™, or Pac-Man™.

RJ also designs and produces recognizable, ambitious, and culturally relevant luxury Swiss watches. RJ ARRAW, the brand’s core collection for men and women, is distinguishable by its RJ Bumpers™ and ingenious interchangeable strap system.

In addition, RJ has brought history-making material to the wrist with its DNA Concept watches. They use steel from the Titanic, genuine moon dust, or remnants from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Of course, it first landed man on the moon in 1969.

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Celebrate the Chinese New Year – Chinese Zodiac Watches by Jaquet Droz

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year. It’s an important Chinese festival. To celebrate, luxury watch brand Jaquet Droz will be introducing a new Chinese Zodiac watch collection.

In modern Chinese, Chinese New Year is known as the “Spring Festival.” This festival is a popular time to celebrate the turn of the traditional, lunisolar Chinese calendar.

Jaquet Droz is introducing the release of four, new luxury watch creations. This annual limited series collection features each animal of the twelve year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. This year, 2019, marks the year of the Pig. As mentioned above, Chinese New Year is tomorrow February 5, 2019.

We begin looking at a pair of Petite Heure Minute models in red gold. They are issued in a limited series of 28 pieces each. A stunning ladies’ version features a 35 mm case set with diamonds.

In addition, a unisex version comes in 39 mm but does include a diamond setting. On both of these luxurious watches, the Art of Miniature Painting was chosen. The design depicts a young Pig in a field of wheat. Plus on the back of the piece, the gold oscillating mass is engraved with a similar scene.

Engraving is the dominant art in the second new pair of limited-series pieces. First is the the Petite Heure Minute Relief Pig. A wild pig is depicted in front of eight oak trees. As a result, the number eight is considered very lucky in Chinese culture. Both models feature an onyx hours and minutes disk in sheer bottomless black.

The first version of the Petite Heure Minute Relief Pig is a limited series of 28 pieces. This Jaquet Droz watch has the black onyx contrasted with a 43 mm red gold case. The stunning case features a red gold engraving.

The second version is a limited series of eight pieces. Each watch features a gorgeous white gold case. In addition, the engraving accentuates the black onyx of the disk. Plus, the case and lugs are set with diamonds.

In both models, the boar depicts in a relief engraving on the oscillating mass. Therefore, an onyx applique provides the dramatic backdrop.

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