Beat the Cold of Winter with a FACUNDO Fireside Cocktail

Facundo Fireside cocktail

With the Northern Hemisphere around the world, locked in the cold of winter, we wanted to share warm, FACUNDO Fireside cocktail recipe. This past weekend in the eastern U.S., mother nature dumped the first, really big snowstorm of the year.

Some areas around Washington received about 2 feet of snow from Winter Storm Jonas. From the mid-Atlantic and all up the eastern coast of the United States, there was heavy rain, ice, snow and damaging winds and flooding.

Well the best way to beat the cold is to enjoy a delicious warm drink. Take the chill off and warm your heart. The FACUNDO Fireside Cocktail is delicious drink that blends the rich luxury dark aged rum – FACUNDO EXIMO, along with seasonal aromatics such as a cinnamon stick. It’s served in a mug and makes the perfect drink.

Here is the recipe of the FACUNDO Fireside Cocktail to share with your friends and family.

· 3 parts Coffee
· 1 part Simple Syrup
· 1 Lemon peel
· 1 Cinnamon stick
· 1 Orange peel
· 3 Coffee beans

Add rum, lemon peel, cinnamon stick, orange peel, coffee beans and simple syrup in a shallow pan. Next, set the combination on fire. Allow it to burn for about 3 minutes. Finally, extinguish the flame by adding the coffee and serve this great tasting, winter cocktail in a mug.

Whether you are planning a small social gathering or a large winter party, be sure to include fun cocktail recipes. People love to drink so why not give them something that they will remember and be the hit of your party. FACUNDO rum is wonderful to drink alone on the rocks or mix into your favorite cocktail recipe.

The Life of Luxury enjoys sharing delicious cocktail recipes with our readers. Follow this luxury blog for more libation stories like the above FACUNDO Fireside Cocktail. We want you to have a VIP experience, so contact us for the latest concierge services. We offer events all around the world for you to enjoy.


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