Johnnie Walker Beijing – Luxury Whisky Embassy

Johnnie Walker House Beijing - China scotch bottles
Johnnie Walker House Beijing

The world’s number one Blended Scotch Whisky, Johnnie Walker, is proud to announce the grand opening of Johnnie Walker Beijing located at the prestigious Ch’ien Men. It is the world’s largest luxury whisky embassy outside of Scotland.

With the success of the first Johnnie Walker House in Shanghai which opened last year, and continuing the brand’s “Keep Walking” campaign, Johnnie Walker House Beijing provides consumers an exclusive luxury whisky experience.

Johnnie Walker House Beijing - China scotch
Johnnie Walker House Beijing

Lawrence Law, General Manager, Johnnie Walker House stated, “Johnnie Walker House Beijing is a multi-sensory experience, showcasing Scotch Whisky culture; it is a luxury boutique, selling the Master Blender’s finest work; it is a private club, providing a new cultural platform for whisky appreciation; and it is an artistic space, providing inspiration for new forms of creativity.”

Guests at Johnnie Walker Beijing can select and buy rare whisky; they will have the opportunity to participate in the art of blending, and partake in whisky and culinary food-pairings provided by chef Phoebe Cleland. Explore the four level House while learning the story behind the whisky’s journey to China, and experience the Johnnie Walker culture with expert guides educating you on the workings of the whisky distillation process.

Whisky known to be the choice of drink among men is now a growing favorite among women too. Christina Hendricks is the latest Johnnie Walker brand ambassador stating: “I enjoy it and drink it at home, it’s something my husband and I enjoy together, but it’s also something that I drink socially. I’m a Johnnie Walker on the rocks girl.”


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