Baume Mercier Diamant

The women’s Baume Mercier Diamant series provides a sleek fit and is ideal for any dress occasion.  Although it certainly can be worn at any event, the class and style definitely make it a valuable authentic piece of jewelry.  With its polished stainless steel and the sparkling diamonds, this series is ideal for every woman to have.

It can be difficult looking past the expensive price tag, but this is one series that offers a reasonable price for what you get.  There is one style that stands out from the collection and it just so happens to be the cheapest as well.  With a blue lizard skin strap and a beautiful silver steel case, this watch offers more of a casual look.  It is perfect for wearing around the town and can equally be worn during business meetings as well.

If the blue lizard skin strap does not quite appeal to you, it is not much of a price increase to get to stainless steel.  For just $300 more at $1,450, this style within the collection has a stainless steel bracelet and a stainless steel case to fancy over.  The three hands have a quartz movement that flows over an attractive light pink dial.  This too can be worn in almost any occasion or circumstance.

The next big price increase in the women’s Baume and Mercier Diamant series jumps to $2,250 because of the steel gold.  The band is a two tone bracelet with silver links on the outside and silver and gold links that run down the center of the bracelet.  The case is steel 18k gold that fits the dial perfectly.  And with a smooth quartz movement, it is easy to read the time.

Lastly, the top watch within this women’s Baume et Mercier series runs at $4,500.  It has a glistening stainless steel bracelet that is accompanied by a stainless steel case.  What separates this watch from the rest of the series is the diamonds that line the outside of the case.  The dial is mother of pearl and has roman numerals to easily identify the time on your watch.

While you can certainly wear all of the watches within the women’s Baume et Mercier Diamant series for any occasion, the last two in particular are ideal for dress occasions.  With a sparkling effect and shiny stainless steel, this Baume et Mercier series has more to offer than what the watches are priced at.  Finally, a case in which you get more in return than what you pay for.   Source:


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