Backes & Strauss – World’s Oldest Diamond Company

Backes & Strauss luxury watch

Well renowned British diamond and watch company Backes & Strauss produces high end luxury swiss-made watches.

Backes & Strauss London, the world’s oldest diamond company was founded in 1789. The company has a strong passion for diamonds.

Backes & Strauss is proud to present a watch video titled, “The Meeting of Master – Episode 1 – The dial maker.”

The video showcases the creativity and innovation of Backes & Strauss plus profiles the dial making craftsmanship, offering viewers a tour of a unique watchmaker know-how.

Backes & Strauss has for over two centuries, continually pioneered new diamond cutting techniques and delivered compelling designs to its watch connoisseur clients.

Their collection of opulent, diamond-set watches are leaders in the luxury watch industry. The house’s distinguished watch collections have all been named after famous London city squares.

If you are interested in purchasing a new, luxury watch from Backes & Strauss, please contact The Life of Luxury.


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