Finding Designer Shoes In London

So where do you go to find the world’s best designer shoes – New York, Paris, Tokyo… ?  A good bet is jolly old London.

Some of the world’s most famous designer shoe brands have a home in London–the city that is a fashion capital in its own right–and it continues to draw swarms of shopaholics from across the globe.

When you’re hunt for the perfect pair of shoes, the designer boutiques and department stores can help you find the ideal match.

From distinct stilettos from Jimmy Choo to Italian leather loafers from Franchetti Bond, here are just eight great places to find designer shoes in London:

1. Rupert Sanderson.
This is the place to pick up a few of the latest trends and step into some glossy patent leather heels, sandals, and unique shoe designs in eye-popping colors. Rupert Sanderson shoes carries a range of handmade designers shoes that are perfectfor adding to your eclectic collection. You’ll find the store at 33 Bruton Place in Mayfair, London.

2. Franchetti Bond, Ltd.This legendary English shoe shop will help you create a distinct and refined look in rich leather and authentic fabrics. The shoe shop offers plenty of distinct European designs to make your wardrobe stand apart from the rest, and you can also explore a diverse selection of handbags. Franchetti Bond, Ltd. Is located at 12 Symons Street in Chelsea, London.

3. Manolo Blahnik. The world-famous shoeshave a discret location in London, and you can pick out your favorite too-tall stiletto from the showcase of shoes and accessories filling the shelves here. The shoe shop has become a famous spot for finding last-minute partyitems, and you’ll easily find the right fit with the expert staff in-house. The Manolo Blahnik store is located at 49 Old Church Street in Chelsea, London.

4. Poste Mistress. From snakeskin leather boots to patent leather pumps, this shoe shop will delight your senses and make it difficult to ward off a shopping spree. The shoe collections offers something for everyone, and the associates will gladly help you find something truly unique for that upcoming event. Browse away in the seemingly endless shelves and display of designer shoeshere, it’s one of London’s best! Post Mistress is located at 61 Monmouth Street in Covent Garden, London.

5. Jimmy Choo. Fresh off the runways, the collection here features all the latest trends and plenty of eye-catching shoe displays to keep you interested for hours. The store offers plenty of browsing opportunities where you can pick out your own pair of extra-tall stilettos and practice trotting in them before the final decision. Jimmy Choo is located at 32 Sloane Street in Knightsbridge, London.

6. Patrick Cox. When disco fever hits your closet, or you just want to add a little retro design to your look, head to Patrick Cox shoe store for a giant collection of trendy boots, shoes, and sandals. It doesn’t take long to discover British trends and tastes here, and at the very least, you’ll find a ’70s-inspired gift or accessory. Patrick Cox is located at 129 Sloane Street in Chelsea, London.

7. Anello and Davide.You can’t leave London without a good pair of dancing shoes, and Anello and Davide will happily bring you only the highest quality of leather shoesthat will last you for your years to come-both on and off the dancefloor. This shoe shop prides itself on personal customer service, so be prepared to have your feet measured and analyzed before settling for the perfectmatch. Anello and Davide is located at 20 St. Christopher’s Place in Marylebone, London.

8. Shellys. When you want a pair of shoesthat demand attention, Shellys is the place to go. It’s the shop where drag queens in Soho enjoy their weekly shoppingspree, and you’ll easily find a few extreme designs and platform heels to round out your closet. Shellys is located at 266 Regent Street in Soho, London.

You’ll be overwhelmed with the assortment of designer shoes and brands available throughout London’s shopping districts, so it’s a good idea to work with a plan on each trip! Be sure to stop in at any of these top shoe shops on your next visit for the best that London has to offer.  Article by: Sabah Karimi


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