Amazing Attractions In Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez

Families, singles, couples and groups will find a wealth of attractions in Saint Tropez to suit any taste. Seeing famous singers or actors who are known to frequent this French hot-spot is not uncommon.

Many of the most wealthy and famous people in the world travel here for a peaceful getaway. You can do the same by renting St. Tropez villas and experience a luxury lifestyle yourself.

France is well known for its many exquisite artistic productions. Tourists need not be art enthusiasts to enjoy visiting The Museum of the Anunciation in Saint Tropez. Featuring exquisite works from artists such as Rouault, Bonnard, Signac and Braque, this museum offers a wide variety of original art.

Most of the paintings found in this museum reflect the image of the original St. Tropez village before the 1960s when it was transformed from a fishing village to a luxury paradise for the wealthy and famous.

Saint Tropez is home to two shopping squares, giving tourists a genuine taste of the city’s livelihood. Visitors to Place de Lices may enjoy choosing from several restaurant venues with delectable French cuisine. The low prices for the high quality food is a rarity in this city, only to be found at Place de Lices.

Many local entertainers set up performances in this square during the day. Place aux Herbes is a fresh market square with local vendors selling fresh fruit, vegetables and many other items. Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere reflects France’s old-world charm.

Beach lovers will enjoy visiting Pampelonne Beach, gazing out over the clear turquoise water. Usually this enormous beach is fairly busy.

This famous spot boasts warm and shallow water, generous lengths of sand and the nearby promenade.  Featuring several shoppes, cafes and bars, the promenade offers beach visitors plenty of variety.

Saint Tropez offers plenty of rich history for those interested in learning about the origins of this beautiful French peninsula. Nearly four hundred years old, the Citadel of Saint Tropez sits atop a hill overlooking the city and the ocean.

This old fortress is home to the Museum of Shipping and Local History, offering tourists the opportunity to learn more about days gone by in this historic city.

Once utilized to guard Saint Tropez stand three medieval towers: Guillaume Tower, Jartier Tower and Portalet Tower which may be observed from a distance. After visiting the Portalet Tower, tourists will notice the Coastal Pathway nearby which provides a lovely walk through the city passing several more attractions.

It is believed that these towers were built before the Citadel, making them some of the oldest structures in the city. Built to withstand any kind of detrimental attack, the towers are impressive with their sound structure and are a must-see attraction for tourists.

Those who wish to venture four miles outside the city limits will enjoy seeing the remains of Grimaldi Castle in Port Grimaud. Parts of the castle still stand, believed to have been built around the tenth century A.D. Situated on land gifted from William the Good, the castle was originally erected by Gibelin de Grimaldi


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