Are Padded Panties The Next Hot Fashion Statement?

Booty Pop padded panties
Courtesy of: Booty Pop

High fashion is a timid beast.  Tastes and trends can change on a dime.

One day pencil thin Twiggy-like models are all the craze.  Then in a blink of an eye, full-figured women are stealing all the fashion headlines.

Superstar celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez many times get more attention for their derrieres than they do for other, more important issue like …. talent.

Many women are now clamoring for that extra-padded booty look and there’s a increasing trend for undergarments that can put a little more junk in her trunk.

Booty Pop has been riding that craze and offers a brand of underwear that offers women a boost to their buttocks. It seems like the days cramming into girdles to reduce the size of their butts, maybe long gone.

If you ever catch one of Booty Pop’s late-night infomercials, you will notice the advice of “forget about doing endless squats – and cosmetic surgery, who can afford that?”  The commercial continues with several models who dance around in tight fitting jeans, showing off their cabooses.

The popular Booty Pop panties are helping women who are rear-end challenged try to get the look that’s very popular in Hollywood these days.

Of course, there are some very expensive options out there, such as butt implants but the Booty Pop panties quickly provide the desired look in a pair of  jeans they desire.

Business is booming for Booty Pop and the company is planning on sales of around one million pairs of padded underwear this year.

But there is other competition out there.

It’s been reported that lingerie retailer Frederick’s of Hollywood, the Booty Boy Short is the company’s No. 2 top-selling shaping item online.

Earlier this year, Victoria’s Secret has introduced its own product, named the “Bum Booster”

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