Luxury Daybed by Home Infatuation

Home Infatuation daybed
Courtesy of: Home Infatuation

The ultimate luxury for many of us is a cozy bed to cuddle up in and relax or sleep in.  Well owning a daybed is becoming an increasingly growing trend.

Well you no longer have to just dream about sinking into your cozy daybed as the birds sing. Go out and get your today!

Daybeds do not only look comfortable, but are the perfect size for two people to recline leisurely.

Although you may think daybeds are designed exclusively for a bedroom, the contemporary daybed effectively creates a private retreat in your own backyard.

There are a wide variety of daybed designs to choose from. For example, a cabana daybed is ideal poolside. A rectangular full or single width is ideal against a wall as a couch or bed.

The chaise daybed offers ultra-comfy seating. Space with privacy curtains over a round outdoor daybed offers the ultimate in privacy and luxury.

Today’s high quality daybeds have corrosion-proof steel frame construction that feature a resin or wicker weave that survives the outdoor elements.

Home Infatuation wicker daybed
Courtesy of: Home Infatuation

Home Infatuation offers everything required for distinctive outdoor living. The popular company addresses the wish lists of homeowners with its diverse menu of products for the Outdoor Room, from luxurious table tamps to all-weather high def TVs.

Home Infatuation chooses its line of products from around the world, and delivers a high level of customer service and a true quality experience.

Home Infatuation now also offers international shipping.

For additional daybed product information, please call 877-224-8925, or visit


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