Achieve a Better 2013 with ​6 Professional Beauty Tips

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Most of us make a New Year’s resolution. Losing weight, getting in better share, improving our looks are always tops in the list.

So whether it’s trying new make-up or getting that trendy haircut you’ve dreamed of for months, make 2013 the year you make that change in your life for the better.

Marissa Machado is a popular, celebrity makeup and hair stylist for Celestine Agency in Santa Monica, Calif. Marissa has worked with some of Hollywood’s hottest stars including: Emma Stone, Lauren Conrad, and the Jonas Brothers.

Marissa Machado shares her expert insight with the following six, insider beauty tips to get the most bang for your buck!

1) When Getting Your Hair Colored
It’s best to have your hair brushed before arriving for your hair appointment. This saves your stylist from having to detangle your locks and allows him or her to get started on your color right away.
Additionally, there’s no need to wash or style your hair; it will be washed and styled after the color treatment. For more pre- and post-salon hair-coloring tips, read this article
from TheHairStyler.

2) When Going to a Makeup Appointment
Always show up makeup-free when heading to an appointment. I know it’s hard for some ladies to leave the house without makeup, but you will have a better application by showing up with a fresh face. When a makeup artist has to remove makeup, your face will become red and sensitive and may require heavier application. If absolutely necessary, apply a tinted moisturizer before leaving your house.

3) When Tipping at the Salon
Tipping is an important part of your payment and should never be skipped. Not all salons are created equal, but some stylists have to pay the salon a portion of their clients’ service plus rent for their
station. So your tip is the only money they can put in their pocket in its entirety. According to Emily Post, beauty salon tips should fall between 15 and 20 percent with a request to split the amount between everyone who served you during your appointment.

In addition, it’s equally important to spread the word if you have a great stylist; this will help his or her business and possibly yield a discount for you!

4) When You’re On a Budget
If you’re tight on cash but need to look fab for a special night out, try popping over to a makeup counter. The rule of thumb for makeup application is to purchase $60 worth of product. This is much more
affordable than hitting up the salon or having someone come to your house. Plus, the product you buy will serve as your touch-up kit throughout the evening.

5) When You’re a Smarty-Pants
The best client in a hair or makeup chair is the one who doesn’t purport to know it all! To ensure a good experience for both parties, you should answer the stylist questions and let them do their magic.
After all, they are the professionals and you’re seeking out their advice and experience! A bad client will try to instruct the stylist how to do their job; trust me, you’ll leave them wondering why you even bothered to make an appointment if you already know it all.

6) When You’re Running Behind
A good client is always on time! Stylists book their appointments according to process time and being late sets the rest of the day off causing everyone else to suffer. A bad client strolls in late on their cell phone with Starbucks in hand. Always remember the treatment you give your stylist will show on your face or hair!


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