A Superyacht Charter Offers Ultimate Accessories

luxury superyacht

Spending summers under the warm sun while lying on the plush beds of your superyacht charter sundeck is like a dream come true. You can cruise along the shores of Italy or swing by majestic Sardinia for a touch of class. How about cruise by the Balearics for incredible parties under the moon? Taking a luxury cruise on a superyacht is a dream come true.

Taking a superyacht charter is a VIP lifestyle experience that everybody should do at least once in their life. Relax and the sundeck and read a captivating book or sip on your favorite cocktail. You can cruise by one of the many UNESCO heritage sites strewn along the coastline it can be fun to have plenty of toys to play with on your luxury trip.

For example, the MY Starfire believes in being excited by the high-tech toys of the yachting world. The superyacht charter works hard to offer only the best tenders and toys so your enjoyment is fulfilled. Take your own seabob down beneath the blue waters and surround yourself with the fishes. Slide on down the superyacht’s slides into the warm waters of the ocean or seas. For music lovers, listen to your favorite songs via a state of the art sound system. These are just a small sample of what is available these day for the ultimate yacht charter VIP experience.

James Bond eat your heart out, the Quadski manages to toe the line somewhere between a high powered jet ski and a 4×4 land vehicle. Picture yourself setting out from MY Starfire, tearing across the coastline and as soon as you hit land. Seamlessly changing your floating device into a land quad without even having to pause for breath. Intrepid explorers who want to be mobile both on land and water without having to change vehicles. The impressive Quadski is endless fun.

Imagine drifting down deeper than anyone has ever gone before and not even getting your hair wet. With the innovative, exciting and incredible exploratory toy of the submersible you can sink down to discover ancient ruins, shipwrecks, coral and a fleet of sea monsters. Anyone who has ever dreamed of living Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Beneath the Sea are sure to have their imagination sparked by taking their own submarine into the depths of the ocean.

Sure wakeboarding is fun, but flying is a lot more fun! The Flyboard is something from another world, a glimpse into the future and get your blood pumping through your veins. Attached to a jet ski the Flyboard allows you to propel to dizzying heights above the water. Then dive back in to create a splash. Imagine that first moment when you realize you are actually flying up to 12 meters above the glazed surface of the sea, casting your gaze across the bay and literally walking on air – even if only for a few moments.

For those who adore diving and snorkeling but wish they could stream through the water to cover more ground and capture even more evocative sights – then welcome to the wonder that is the seabob. The seabob allows you to skim the surface or sink down and buzz around below the waves at speeds of up to 20kph, the result is a splash of fun, even more maneuverability and complete freedom below and above the glittering hues of blue.

Outdoor Cinema:
Not all superyacht accessories have to take you off board and into the water. Having an outdoor cinema on your superyacht charter is truly something special. For those evenings when you are too relaxed or tired to step ashore you can curl up beneath the stars with your favorite film. The outdoor cinema is placed on the deck transforming the space into a movie lover’s heaven. Imagine the moon as your lantern, the sound of the sea providing a background melody and homemade ice cream from the chef as you fall in love with film all over again.

If you desire to sail on the open seas in a superyacht, consider MY Starfire and enjoy a luxury superyacht charter. The Life of Luxury can help plan and book your next luxury travel vacation. Keep up on the latest yachting and travel news by following our luxury blog.



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