Reefdancer – Enjoy Maui’s Shallow Reefs and Marine Life

Reefdancer sub Lahaina - Maui

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy and get up close to the fabulous undersea life in Maui’s blue waters, but don’t want to get wet – the Reefdancer is your answer.

Uncover Maui’s amazing underwater world from the Reefdancer’s comfortable, air-conditioned cabin.

The Reefdancer is a 57 foot semi-submersible boat that remains on the surface of the ocean waters. Half of the boat is on top of the water, with the other half  below.

This flexibility allows the Reefdancer to easily maneuver around  the shallow reefs where the majority of the marine life is.

You descend down an easy stair case down to the boats below-water cabin. The Reefdancer holds up to 34 people so everyone has a front row seat, with direct viewing out your over-sized window.

What makes the Reefdancer tour unique is they offer Maui’s only underwater dive show. Professional divers search the reefs and bring various sea-life (octopus, sea urchins, sponges, mollusks, etc…)  to your window for close viewing.

Reefdancer sub diver - Lahaina Maui

Your tour includes an experienced reef diver in the cabin, who narrates about the fascinating undersea world outside your window.

All passengers receive a free, color postcard and fish chart to make it easy to match and identify the fish you view.

As you cruise around the ocean floor you discover an amazing world with abundant reefs and marine life.

What amazed me was how blue the water was. There is no artificial lighting, so what you see is the sun’s natural rays illuminating the ocean depths.

As you return to the Lahaina Harbor, make your way to the spacious upper deck for wonderful views of Old Lahaina Town and West Maui mountains.

Lahaina Harbor Slip 6
Lahaina, HI


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