A Memorable Time in Venice

Venice Italy - Rialto Bridge Grand Canal

There is little dispute that Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and contains canals, gondolas and amazing architecture.

If you are planning a visit to this romantic Italian city, try and visit it in spring or fall to avoid the heat and tourist crowds.

While in Venice Italy, there are many sightseeing activities such as going to churches, museums, and other tourist attractions. You can also attend many events and other activities that are unique to this city built on the sea.

The Voga Longa is a local rowing competition which is held annually on the last day of May. This particular rowing race originated as a protest against the power boats that were once taking over the Venice canals. Now this rowing event has turned into a water festival. The racetrack passes through most of Venice, and crowds of people gather along the canals to cheer up the participants.

The Regata ‘Storica takes place in September on the first Sunday of the month. This event celebrates an occasion that took place in 1489. It’s an exhibit displaying almost one hundred types of Venetian boats.

While in Venice, do not forget to take a ride on the Water Bus called Vaporetto during sunset. The gorgeous sight is filled with the soft sunset light providing a mesmerizing picture. It is one of the best ways to remember Venice.

Although a ride on a Gondola is costly, you can save money by negotiating with the gondola operator to bring your price down. Taking a gondola ride down the majestic canals is a true Venetian experience. It doesn’t hurt to ask but the discounted rate might get you less time, and fewer sights. Work this out with your gondolier before you begin your trip.

If a gondola ride isn’t for you, then you try crossing the Grand Canal via traghetto. These are very cheap and are essentially gondolas that are too old to be used for that purpose. You can also visit the Rialto Bridge and the open air markets near it along with the Pescheria (fish market).

Another memorable experience, is spending a day on one of the nearby Venetian islands (like Murano or Burano) which you can reach via the many boat services. The Glass Museum in Murano offers a terrific visitor experience as well as the Lace Museum in Burano.

Venice is a such a beautiful city.A place that everybody should experience at least once in their lifetime.


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