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Venice Italy - gondola canal ride

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Are you looking for that special romantic experience? Would you like to be swept away in a luxurious limo to begin a night you’ll never forget? A romantic dinner, then …. skies the limit !

If you are considering the ideal marriage proposal, or an unforgettable honeymoon, or a once in a lifetime anniversary event, choose the ultimate event.

Maybe your spouse is an avid sports fan. How about surprising him with a wonderful Super Bowl package or front row seats to an NBA game? Have you ever fantasized about acting out a James Bond 007 mission, while searching for clues and living on the edge?

Go Get It Events is a premier event planner service and can customize your dreams …. anytime of the year.

Owner Jenifour Jones has the most unique job in the world: she makes other people’s dreams come true.

Jenifour knows what elaborate events are and is the best in the business. Jenifour is the brains behind the elaborate and special events and marriage proposals that her company, Go Get It Events produces.

People use Go Get It Events whenever they want to “Wow” their lovers, friends, colleagues, or clients!

Romantic beach dream getaway

I asked Jenifour how she got started with this type of business theme. She replied,
I started doing elaborate ‘hunts’ for friend’s birthdays and anniversaries. I used my background in acting, writing and production to take traditional scavenger hunts a huge leap forward-I wrote a script for the recipient and then placed them in the middle of their own “story.” Depending on who it was for, it could be exciting, romantic, adventurous, seductive, etc. After I did two of these my colleagues and friends all saw how this experience was similar to producing a film and encouraged me to start it as a business.”

Since 2003, the results have been incredible. “Everyone loved it,” remembers Jenifour. “People told me they felt like they were living an incredible movie or dream. I took them out of their reality for a night and gave them something much more powerful than a normal, tangible gift.”

The possibilities are endless. Can you imagine waking up on day and then you find yourself thrown into an exciting and glamorous adventure that whisks you away in a helicopter or private planes? Jenifour can and has successfully done it for countless clients.

Jenifour can set up marriage proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower, in a romantic moonlit gondola under the Venetian sky, or even in the middle of a snowy Central Park!

Due to their unique approach to event planning, Go Get It Events has been featured on the Rachael Ray Show, in addition to well over 40 major publications.   The company’s events are unique, elegant, fun, inspiring and also have a refreshing blend of creativity woven into each and every event.

Napa Valley Wine Train - Gourmet car
Napa Valley Wine Train

When asked why she thinks her business has been so successful, Jenifour responded,
“I think because I truly believe in what I do. My clients tell me it was the best night of their life. Period. That is enough to me to know I have created something so special in their life. When I started, some people loved what I did and some did not see how I would make a living.”

….. she continues “I also think it was important that I was open to growing and broadening the services my company offers. I started off only doing our signature escapades, but when clients asked me to do their weddings, parties, corporate meeting, travel, etc. I said yes. Now, we offer almost any type of event production and travel services.”

Jenifour Jones - Go Get It Events

Here is a small list of fantasy events Go Get It Events can plan & arrange for you: private luxury yacht & dinner, private helicopter ride, limo scavenger hunt, private balloon ride, complete spa and makeover package, personal stylist for the day, custom travel to anywhere in the world, and much more !!!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and many people worried about what to do for their loved ones, why not plan an amazing adventure you’ll never forget?

Jenifour Jones interview with Rachael Ray

For a once in a lifetime experience, call today to begin planning your special occasion, celebrate a major life milestone or big event, and fulfill your dream !!!

For additional information on Go Get It Events, please visit – http://www.gogetit.org/ or call:
– East Coast Contact: (212) 252-2362
– West Coast Contact: (323) 633-2049
– Louisville Contact: (502) 550-6647


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