Year-Round Socks with a Sockscription by Blacksocks

Blacksocks - Men's socks subscription

Men don’t often think about their socks. Most incorrectly match their sock color to their shoes, but socks need to match the pant color.

To help with choosing and buying men’s socks, consider a year long supply via a sockscription from Blacksocks.

Whether they are for your husband, grandfather, son, fiance, or a male friend – a sock subscription from Blacksocks is an ideal gift anytime of the year.

The Blacksocks program is simple. Choose the socks online, then decide out how often you want them sent to him. He can have calf, knee, athletic, wool or cashmere silk socks ­– all high quality, manufactured in Italy – conveniently delivered to his doorstep in regular intervals.

The man’s sock drawer replenishes itself throughout the year, and he never has to worry about shopping, sorting, or searching for socks again. Consumers can also choose any quantity they prefer.

In 2010, Blacksocks introduced three new colors: grey, navy and red. Blacksocks has over 50,000 subscribers in over 75 countries.

Having sold its millionth pair of socks in 2008, Blacksocks recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, counts former World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz among its loyal customers, and best of all, is now available in North America. The innovative “sockscription” service also carries fine undershirts, a line of boxer shorts and briefs, and travel shave kits, all available via online subscription.

“The target Blacksocks demographic is any man who’s looked down to find his toe yawning out of a hole in his sock,” said Blacksocks president and founder Samy Liechti. “This Father’s Day, pamper your papa’s feet with socks made using the highest quality yarns that pill less and are more durable – he’ll thank you for it.”

The average men’s socks subscription costs only $89 a year. Shipping and taxes are also included with all prices.

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