West Bohemia Spa Triangle- A Famous Spa Region in the Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary - Czech Republic - West Bohemia Spa Triangle

West Bohemia Spa Triangle is a region in the Czech Republic that is filled with charm and provides visitors a chance to dig deeper into Czech culture. Bohemia is both the westernmost and largest historical region of what is today called the Czech Republic. The area is located West and south-west of Prague. In addition, this area is a well-known spa region.

The West Bohemia Spa Triangle area includes many beautiful towns, all surrounded by green hills and thick forests. In spite of tourism that draws people from around the world, it’s a relatively quiet area. Simply enjoy a leisurely atmosphere and get pampered. As a result, be treated to a VIP experience and indulge in curative springs and luxury spa treatments.

Here is a tourist video about the West Bohemia Spa Triangle.

The West Bohemia Spa Triangle includes the largest concentration of spa centers in all of the Czech Republic. Czech Republic spa care is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Therefore, the region has rightfully earned a much earned reputation, as one of the best spa areas in the world.

Do You Need Personal Attention and Self-Care?

One of many travel benefits is usually a chance to relax and escape day-to-day stress. The “Spa Triangle” of West Bohemia is only two hours west of Prague. It includes three cities that are all about health and wellness:

Karlovy Vary – the well-known wellness destination of free-flowing mineral springs, founded by King Charles IV, and popular with world leaders and celebrities ever since

Mariánské Lázně – fifty mineral springs and a singing fountain surrounded by pastel facades, spas, and a quieter vibe

Františkovy Lázně – the undiscovered darling of the spa triangle, including a namesake statue connected to a legend of fertility
Get a quick video glimpse of these gorgeous towns here.

While dreaming of your visit, you might take inspiration from some of the Czech spa treatments. Hence, they go beyond the usual manicures and massages. For example, think bathing in beer, or half an hour of breathing deeply in a relaxing salt cave to open up the lungs.

Some Czech spas are even offering personalized COVID rehab packages. They include respiratory therapies, stress and sleep management. Plus, receive nutritional advice to help long-termers on the road to recovery.

The Life of Luxury can help you plan and book your luxury spa getaway trip to the Czech Republic.

Visit the West Bohemia Spa Triangle for the ultimate, luxury spa experience. Therefore, you can make your dream a reality and experience all the Czech Republic has to offer.

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