Wave The Wine Wand by Philip Stein

Wine Wand by Philip Stein
Courtesy of: Philip Stein

Created by the luxury watch brand, Philip Stein, the Wine Wand helps aerate red wine almost instantaneously! The Wine Wand comes in a travel size as well as full size.

“If it aint broke don’t fix it” is a good rule of thumb when it comes to many things. Red wine, while amazing on its own, could reach an ever higher standard of flavor with the magical touch of a Philip Stein Wine Wand.

The company, traditionally known for creating watches that relieve stress and help people maintain a general healthier well-being, introduces the breakthrough device which uses natural energy to aerate wine, enhancing flavors and aroma almost instantly.

Epicureans have taught to let the wine breath close to an hour before consumption. The wand works within 2-3 minutes in a glass and 5 minutes in a bottle or decanter, which living in the instant gratification world of today could satisfy even the most impatient.

The elegant wand with encapsulated glass jewels uses natural frequencies and allows the full bouquet and taste of wine to be enjoyed within minutes.

The Wine Wand makes for a great travel companion, coming in a mini size – perfect for a glass; it retails for $325 and comes in a bevy of colors. For a dinner party bring the full size version, retailing for $525 and pictured above.


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