Experience Untold Luxury For Your Once In A Lifetime Trip

St. Barths - Villa La Tortue

There are many reasons for a once in a lifetime trip. Perhaps you want to travel with close friends and family and get married in a paradise that few have ever imagined. Maybe you are celebrating a special anniversary or landing your dream job.

Few people really ever experience true luxury. Even those who travel routinely rarely step over into absolute lavishness. With the exception is the rich and famous, and celebrity superstars, few venture to places where Utopia is expected. Beautiful and exotic places are available to you. As a result, there are places that cater to excellence. There are hidden villas in far away lands that await you. Nothing is too good for their guests. No extravagance is withheld.

Dare to dream

Would you like to have your destination wedding with 8 of your closest friends, in an exclusive villa in Southern Bali? It’s time to take a once in a lifetime trip Imagine the finest furnishings, the best food, world famous wine, and a hidden oasis with 5 bedrooms and 6 baths.

Maybe you would like to spend your anniversary in France. Stroll through museums and see the famous 270 piece collection of Picasso. Are you up for an adventure? How would you like to celebrate the voodoo rituals from West Africa on St. John’s Eve in the International House Hotel. This luxury boutique hotel is in iconic downtown New Orleans.

Take a culinary tour of Italy or relax in an exclusive New York Luxury suite and have the world of high fashion come to you with an in-room shopping experience. A once in a lifetime trip is a memorable VIP experience.

Have your wedding on a beautiful Hawaiian island. Toast the beginning of your life together with champagne at sunset in Maui. Walk hand-in-hand on the black sand beaches or dare to tour the heights of volcanoes. See the world as it was meant to be. Experience paradise.

Making it happen

So now that you see just a few of the experiences awaiting you in the world of luxury trips of a lifetime, you may be asking yourself if you can possibly afford to make this a reality. The answer is often, yes!

Weddings are very costly. The average wedding cost $28,000.00 and some costs double that. It is a matter of priorities. If tradition means everything to you, then book the chapel and order the cake. But if you are more adventurous than that and you would rather have a memory unlike anyone else’s. Sit down and start crunching the numbers.  

Set up a social media page, telling your friends and family of your choices. Set up a Plumfund.com account. This is a free account that allows your family, friends, and others to gift you through your registry in lieu of wedding gifts. Get your team on board.

Tell your closest friends that parties, showers, and wedding events are nice, but you would rather have the money toward your dream trip. A once in a lifetime trip can be expensive, so any help is appreciated. Then, instead of a wedding shower or hen party, have a barbecue. Instead of expensive shopping trips, nail salons, and beauty treatments have a women’s pampering party at a hotel and do each other’s nails.

Most importantly, tell your parents, (or whoever is paying for the wedding) how much this trip means to you and why. Get everyone onboard and get busy. As your funds grow and the donations grow, begin working with your travel agent on your itinerary.

Nothing is impossible if you want to make it happen. Some trips are just too good to pass up. So live a little and have one dream trip that is just for you. You will never regret it.

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Plan your once in a lifetime trip today! See the world and enjoy luxury travel to the fullest. Our travel concierge specialists can help you make your dream vacation come true. Return soon to follow our luxury blog for great travel destinations.


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