Ulalena – Cultural Experience and Artistic Hommage to Hawaii

Ulalena - Maui Theatre

Ulalena at the Maui Theatre in Lahaina, is more than just another Maui nighttime show. It’s a first-class performance and a remarkable experience you won’t soon forget!

The show’s performance is an artistic tribute to the wide ranging and unique cultures and traditions that Hawaii offers. Taking you along a musical journey, explore the breadth of Hawaii’s mythical history via a magical adventure.

Ulalena is shown at the state-of-the-art Maui Theatre in Lahaina, Maui. Ulalena is a riveting production that is on par with any Broadway show on the U.S. mainland.

Ualena stands for the ancient Hawaiian word representing both the “hopeful and cleansing wind” that only occurs in Maui. According to Ancient Hawaiian creation chants, Ualena is also a form of rain that’s reddish yellow in color, when viewed at twilight. This enchanted wind carries people to other times and places through mystical memories and mythical means.

There are various shows on Maui, but if you can only see one show that celebrates Hawaiian culture, Ulalena is definitely the only show to see.

Ulalena has deservedly received many awards, including “Best Show” and “Best Attraction” by the Hawaii Visitors & convention Bureau.

Ulalena Maui

One of the primary goals of Ulalena is to help promote Hawaiian culture. It appears that many of Hawaii’s many tourist attractions have moved toward commercialism and abandoned the fascinating history of the Hawaiian Islands. Ulalena continues to buck that trend.

The multi-million dollar Maui Theatre is classy as well as state-of-the-art. It’s now ten years old but still looks like it opened just yesterday. At the time, the Maui Theatre was build specifically for Ulalena and holds about 680 seats. Due to its half-moon crescent seating arrangement, every seat offers an amazing stage view, yet still creating an intimate experience.

The air-conditioned Maui Theatre is equipped with some of the best sound and lighting equipment around, using the latest in computerized technology.

Ulalena is comprised of nine various scenes that takes the audience on a magical journey through the ages of Hawaii’s deep history.

Through imagery, music, song, dance, acrobatics and even humor, the universal elements of nature come alive before your eyes. You’ll see how Hawaii’s gods and goddesses coexist amongst us all. This allows our imaginations to wander, leaving all of our troubles behind.

The show offers vivid, rich and imaginatively designed costumes along with intense lighting and stage design that when blended together, make for a wonderful entertainment experience.

Ulalena - Maui Theatre

The cast of Ulalena is comprised of many of the most talented stage performers and musicians on the Hawaiian islands. Their commitment, talent and enthusiasm exudes in their every move.

Ulalena begins with a lone man on a spiritual quest, heading for an unknown destination.

The show’s journey brings in many of the common elements that make up Hawaii: the ocean, a mythical forest, a village, a volcano, and many more. Each scene appears to progress the story and teach us something unique and intimate about Hawaii’s history and culture.

One of the most memorable scenes is titled “The Mythical Forest”. It’s a tantalizing experience that presents a guardian lizard spirit known as Mo’o, who lives and moves effortlessly around a waterfall. The female acrobat displays an amazing balance of beauty, strength and theatrics as she glides up and down a suspended giant loop of white silk.

The show’s musical score is an integrated component and key to the show’s success. The live band performs on an elevated stage to the right of the main stage. They produce an array of heart pounding drums and percussion rythyms that immerses the audience into the importance of music in Hawaiian culture.

Patrons have several seating and dining options available to choose from. The “Dinner Package” offers a fine dining experience at nearby Ruth’s Chris restaurant, either before or after the show. The package also includes premium VIP Seating, a complimentary beverage, and the opportunity to meet the cast and crew after the show.

Ulalena Pele

Although each of the scenes are unique and incredible on their own, once the last curtain drops and the standing ovation subsides, you feel that you have just experienced something you will never forget.

Ulalena is a journey like no other. Consider yourself fortunate if you are ever able to see it and experience the true “Aloha Spirit” …. firsthand.

Ulalena – Maui Theatre
(Old Lahaina Center)
878 Front Street
Lahaina, Maui – HI
808-661-9913 or


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