Type-41 The Ultimate Invitation Only Supercar Club

Type-41 supercar club luxury cars
Type-41 Supercar Club

We have all dreamed about driving in an expensive luxury supercar.  Only a limited group of people around the world actually own or have driven one of these rare supercars.

Well now is your chance to become one of the lucky few and personally drive incredible Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Ferraris, Audis, Porsches and many more.

Type-41 is an exclusive, by invitation only, supercar sharing club that will definitely become the hot new topic in the luxury car market.

Type-41 will officially launch tomorrow (April 14th, 2011) at the Top Marques Supercar Show in Monaco. Type-41 will become the first supercar club in the South of France, offering residents and frequent visitors to the French Riviera access to a variety of limited edition supercars.

The term “Supercar” can be described as a rare or exotic, luxury sports car. Supercars are engineering marvels, specifically designed and hand-made to push the physical limits of both speed and performance.

Type-41 supercar club - Ferrari GTO
Ferrari GTO – Type-41 Supercar Club

An example is the luxurious 2010 DBS Volante by Aston Martin, with a custom stereo system that automatically adjusts the sound depending if the convertible roof is open or closed.

Members of the new Type-41 supercar club will have the unique opportunity to drive an unrivaled range of exciting and rare supercars in Europe.

Even those with extreme wealth are often not able to purchase a supercar because like many things, it’s “who you know.” It often takes personal connections to buy one of these rare supercars, but Type-41 now makes it possible for its elite members to actually drive these rare cars.

Imagine choosing from a variety of rare supercars such as Ferrari, Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. How about a limited edition DBS UB-2010 Aston Martin Volantes? Only 20 were ever built. Lucky for you, Type-41 has one of them for you to drive yourself.

Juergen Obermann founder of Type-41
Juergen Obermann

Type-41 founder and president Juergen Obermann personally understands the frustration of caring, maintaining and driving an expensive supercar. He now solves those frustrations with his Type-41 “caring and sharing” business model.

When asked to describe his new supercar club, Juergen Obermann answered,
“Type-41 goes to great lengths to offer the best of the best to today’s discriminating car enthusiasts. These cars are some of the most elite cars in the world and just a few have been manufactured making them very difficult to purchase or even rent. We are pleased that our extensive global network has allowed us to offer these exotic cars to our members. Anyone that has ever owned a supercar knows the hassles and headaches it takes to care for these very special cars. Type-41 alleviates these difficulties while providing a financially astute opportunity to experience a full range of supercars and each of their distinctive driving advantages.”

In addition to Juergen’s love of supercars, he is a very successful entrepreneur and experienced businessman. Mr. Obermann has spent more than two decades in senior sales and marketing positions in the technology industry. He founded and ran FMT Management Consulting Group, plus was the CEO of GFT Inboxx.

Type-41 membership is truly exclusive and is available to only 111 invited members. This arrangement provides members premier access to these exceptional, distinctive supercars located on the amazing Côte d’Azur in France.

Type-41 supercar club logo
Type-41 logo

Supercar fanatics love their cars and have a deep passion for the technologically advanced design, warp speed and ultra-luxury features.

Type-41 now brings supercar aficionados together for special events to provide its members “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences, in addition to enabling them to meet other like-minded individuals from around the world. The result is the creation of a special community of supercar fans, found nowhere else.

One of the upcoming Type-41 exclusive events offers the unforgettable opportunity to drive Formula One cars at Le Castellet in the Var. It’s a truly world-class modern race track with a high tech environment used by many F1 and Les Mans teams for testing.

As an invitation only club, Type-41 enables its members to drive its exclusive and luxurious cars for a specified amount of time – on a yearly basis. Juergen Obermann’s personal goal was to ensure car availability was never an issue, so that’s why club membership is severely limited.

Just a few of the limited edition supercars available to drive include:
– Ferrari 599 GTO, the fastest road car ever built by Ferrari
– Audi R8 GT which delivers a Lamborghini and Porsche level of performance for a street car with serious track intentions
– Porsche 911 GT2RS, the most powerful street-legal, factory-built Porsche of all – Only 500 models were built
– Lamborghini LP570-4 Spyder Performante combines sheer sporting excellence and extreme performance

Lotus supercar by Type-41
Lotus – Type-41 Supercar Club

Type-41 membership offers its exclusive members an extremely cost effective method of enjoying some of the most sought-after cars in the world. Type-41 can only be described as “the best way to enjoy rare and exceptional supercars – hassle free and at an attractively low price.”

Each membership is personal and nontransferable. Every Type-41 member is allocated points which can then be exchanged for supercar rentals. There are four different Type-41 membership levels to choose from:
1) “Enthusiast” – €36,000 fee and comes with 36,000 points providing up to 45 days of driving time.
2) “Resident” – €72,000 fee and includes 72,000 points, to have twice as much fun with.
3) “Corporate” – €99,000 fee and is limited to nine companies and offers a 3 year commitment and 99,000 points.
4) “Elite” – €250,000 fee and is offered to nine select individuals who will receive a 3 year membership and 83,500 points plus an extra 3000km usage.

To learn more about this incredible supercar sharing club, please visit www.type-41.com or email Type-41 direct at info@type-41.com


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