Trenta Bra by BodyRock Sport – World’s Most Expensive Sports Bra

Trenta bra World's most expensive sports bra
Courtesy of: BodyRock Sport

The Trenta Bra by BodyRock Sport is being called the coveted, World’s Most Expensive Sports Bra.

Retailing for a whopping $1,850 – BodyRock Sport’s Trenta bra features both a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet, as well as a necklace from designer Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer.

BodyRock Sport offers a line of functional and trendy sportswear and aims to fill the void of fashionable workout gear.

The colorful and bejeweled line of sports bras by BodyRock Sport, feature unique fabrics and distinctive embellishments with smart details such as built-in ipod pockets, zippered compartments, and tagless labels for extra comfort

Kelly Dooley, who is the creator of BodyRock Sport launches the Trenta Bra – a luxurious, custom-made sports bra in collaboration with jewelry designer Joseph Knight of Knight & Hammer.

The world’s most expensive sports bra is actually a 2-in-1 sports bra that features a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet and necklace that is fastened to a BodyRock Sport bra in black spandex and gunmetal burnout fabric.

The luxury Trenta bra retails for $1,850 and is now the world’s most expensive sports bra.

BodyRock Sport’s Trenta bra is v-shaped and comes with a Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal neckline.

BodyRock Trenta sports bra
Courtesy of: BodyRock Sport

The Trenta bra is part of the “Show ‘Em Off” collection, which features a slim pocket in the back and pewter distressed fabric used on the sides of the bra that adds ventilation and unique flair.

With the Trenta Bra, Dooley takes active wear to a whole new level. “The Trenta Bra encompasses BodyRock Sport’s mission, which is to empower and enable them to look and feel good everyday,” says Dooley. “This bra is multipurpose just like our entire collection.

The Knight & Hammer necklace attached to the bra can be detached and worn as a long necklace or short necklace and bracelet. Whether worn day or night, The Trenta Bra is the ultimate fashion statement.”

The custom-made Trenta bra is the newest edition to the current collection and is available online at as well as luxury sports clubs and retailers across the country.


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