Travel in Luxury By Fuel-cell Powered Airship – Aircruise

Courtesy of: Seymourpowell

It’s no secret that the transportation arm of travel industry is a sore spot for almost all business and leisure travelers. Is a zero emissions luxury cruise the answer?

There are constant flight delays, security hassles and confusing pricing structure. We live in a fast paced culture unlike anything seen to before. The stress levels are high and it seems we continually are jammed in cramped and environmentally unfriendly spaces.

But hold on a sec, let’s try to step back in time when things were a little slower paced. What if you could slow it down and take some time to relax in style?

London-based designers, Seymourpowell have proposed Aircruise, which is a solar and fuel-cell powered airship that’s designed specifically for the luxury travel market. Not only is Aircruise a zero emissions luxury cruise, but it travels not on the water but in the air!

It’s still in the concept stage but has drawn a lot of interest, even from leading Korean firm Samsung Construction & Trading. The luxury cruise liner would be a blend of luxury apartments and hotel. The ship would also include a lounge, bar, lounge, as well as additional areas to rest, relax and enjoy the amazing views..

The Aircruise would be powered by solar panels and Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) hydrogen fuel cells. It would then be propelled by filling four air pockets in the craft with hydrogen.

It’s calculated that the airship can travel around 90 mph. A one-way trip from London to New York City would take about 37 hours and going from Los Angeles to Hong Kong would take just under 4 days.

To learn more, visit: Seymourpowell

We received notice from a reader that Aircruise may well be a hoax. More research needs to be done but here’s a link:


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