Transitional Tunic – Hot New Summer Look

Smooph Tunic
Courtesy of: Smooph

The tunic has been around for many years, but it seems that this summer the tunic will be one of the hottest new looks.

The versatile tunic may not be for everybody, but it’s exotic and carries an international fashion flavor.

Tunics are wonderful as a wardrobe item, perfect as casual wear over swimwear and paired with a cute pair of sandals. Yet a tunic can also make a fashion statement and offer a stunning look when paired up with the right item of clothing.

Smooph is a trendy Swedish brand. The clothier mixes an airy tribal inspired print with bold layers of draped silk that interplay with vintage style hotchpotch paneling.

Looking for ideas on how to accessorize your tunic? Try stating with a tribal trend tunic, add on big bangles, and put on a pair of killer heels for a knockout summer look.

The tunic has become a popular fashion statement for the celebrities alike, including Courtney Cox (seen below)  and Nicole Ritchie.

Courtney Cox

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