Tourbillon Day Celebration by Luxury Watch Brand Breguet

Breguet Tourbillon 5377 watch

Photo: Breguet

Last week on June 26, was the “Tourbillon Day” which celebrates the anniversary of the patent of the iconic tourbillon watch.

Back on June 26, 1801, Abraham-Louis Breguet patented the revolutionary tourbillon mechanism, which neutralized the effects of gravity. The result was amazing precision in future mechanical timepieces.

This incredible watchmaking invention was an engineering feat and truly recognizes Abraham-Louis Breguet as one of the most innovative figures of all time.

So to celebrate “Tourbillon Day, luxury watch brand Bruget held events its luxury boutiques in New York City, Las Vegas and Bal Harbour. Bruguet guests had the unique opportunity to view the luxury brand’s extensive collection of tourbillon timepieces, as well as take part in a champagne toast.

A tribute to honor the innovative work of Abraham-Louis Breguet has been created by titled, “Breguet, the innovator. Inventor of the Tourbillon.”

This incredible exhibition highlights the lasting legacy of the Abraham-Louis Breguet, plus the impact he made with the tourbillon in modern watchmaking. The exhibition started in Geneva, Switzerland back in January. It’s a worldwide tour throughout 2013. For the U.S. the following exhibition dates are scheduled:

· Breguet Boutique Rodeo Drive: Oct 3-19, 2013
· Tourbillon Boutique Chicago: Oct 24-29, 2013
· Breguet Boutique Fifth Avenue: Nov 7-17, 2013

During Baselworld 2013, Breguet launched its new, ultra-thin Tourbillon 5377 watch. The stunning timepiece features a slim case that measures only 7mm in thickness. The dial is in both 18K gold and silver. It also houses a movement that’s only 3mm thick! However, the most impressive component of the watch aside from the tourbillon is a periphery rotor which oscillates around the side of the case allowing the wearer an unobstructed view of the movement.

The new Tourbillon 5377 watch by Breguet will be available for sale in 2014.

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