New Star Timepiece: The Nebula 41.5 Steel Watch by Arnold & Son

Nebula 41.5 Steel Watch by Arnold & Son

Luxury watch brand Arnold & Son‘s first generation Nebula became the constellation of exquisite timepieces. The new star emerges to join this impressive watch collection. The Nebula 41.5 Steel introduces different color treatments and new finishes. Plus, a new, even more powerful and attractive details. Nebula’s skeleton movement reveals a structure in grey and blue tones. It combines steel with a PVD treatment on diametrically opposing bridges for a perfectly chic visual effect.

In addition, the Nebula steel watch becomes the most symmetrical of all Arnold & Son’s watches. Furthermore, this second generation Nebula is ultra-thin and measures only 8.73 mm. It is available with a steel bracelet or a blue rubber strap. In addition, the Nebula 41.5 Steel radiates cool and intense elegance.


The bridges of the A&S5201 calibre are palladium-treated, giving a sheen that echoes the steel case. The main plate, barrel covers and dial flange have been colored with a blue PVD treatment. The Nebula 41.5 Steel is fitted with either a three-link steel bracelet or a ballistic-type rubber strap with a woven-look surface. The two-tone aesthetic adorns the interior and exterior, the substance of the watch and the details.

The A&S5201 calibre was conceived as a skeleton mechanism instead of being modified by removing material. The result is a completely clear and legible display on both sides. For instance, it presents a total power reserve of 90 hours. Thus requires it is to be hand-wound every three-and-a-half days. At 4 mm thick, the calibre contributes to the piece’s overall slimness. The Nebula 41.5 Steel measures 8.73 mm thick, making it a natural member of the ultra-thin category.

Nebula 41.5 Steel Watch by Arnold & Son

Inside and out

The A&S5201 calibre is made for this piece and brings all of its character. It is set apart by its skeletonization and almost perfect symmetry. The traditional shape of its bridges harks back to John Arnold’s chronometers. Hence, the openworked structure accentuates the feeling of lightness in a very mechanistic design.

The name Nebula is a reference to the giant cloud of dust and gas in space. Some nebulas emerge from the gas and dust expelled when a dying star, like a supernova, explodes. The seven bridges on the dial side of this luxury timepiece radiate from the center outwards. As a result, it gives this sculptural movement the impression of a cosmic explosion.

High altitude

The A&S5201 calibre has new blue coloring. The balance wheel is now rhodium-plated to match the gear train. Plus, it perfectly coordinates with the small seconds placed opposite. The main plate features “Rayons de la Gloire” finishes. In conclusion, Arnold & Son rises magnificently to the challenge of sending its Nebula 41.5 Steel into a new orbit.

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Photos: Arnold & Son


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