TorkScrew – The All-In-One Bottle Opener

Courtesy of: BellaSvago Enterprises

Opening a screw cap bottle can often be frustrating. What if you owned an all-in-one opener that could handle all your bottle opening needs? BellaSvago Enterprises has the answer.

BellaSvago has just introduced the TorkScrew, an opener that addresses today’s diverse bottle closures, in addition to meeting a consumer demand for tasteful presentation.

TorkScrew is an all-in-one bottle opener that includes a foil cutter, corkscrew and screw cap opener with a no-slip rubberized grip and magnetic base to keep it safe and readily at hand.

The TorkScrew is a must for any wine lover or waitstaffer, and is built in the U.S. with from the finest materials.

The stylish TorkScrew was designed for both home and professional use. It’s compact and able to open either cork, screw top, champagne as well as crown cap finished bottles.

Key TorkScrew Features Include:

* Allows for proper opening and presentation of virtually any bottled beverage
* Supports the rapidly growing trend of screw cap wines
* Magnetic base keeps TorkScrew readily available
* No-slip rubberized base and soft grip for ease of use
* The perfect tool for uncorking sparkling wines and Champagnes
* Perfect for those who struggle with arthritis, strength issues or joint pain
* Satisfaction guaranteed – five year warranty

Mark Bates is President of BellaSvago and co-inventor of TorkScrew is quotes, “With the growing and widespread use of screw cap finished wines. We saw the need for an opener that would allow for the process of formal presentation tableside that consumers still expect. We also knew that people with conditions such as arthritis could be challenged with opening screw caps as well as Champagne bottles. That said, we didn’t want to create a separate tool from a classic waiter’s key, so we combined these needs, plus other innovative features, into TorkScrew.”

What may be surprising to most people, is the varying degree of screw cap bottles around the world. In countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland, screw cap bottles are almost exclusively used.

The vision of TorkScrew came from Mark and his wife Leisa during a five-week vacation to Italy. Not only viewing firsthand but experiencing the frustrating and often painful process of opening a screw cap bottle, spawned an invention idea.

TorkScrew was born. With a stylish design, the classy wine-bottle opener is now a must for the screw-cap age!

Using it so so simple. Just place TorkScrew on the bottle, give an east twist to the left, and off comes the bottle cap or cork.

TorkScrew is available in retail premium packaging, gift and custom packaging, along with custom imprinting and colors with bulk orders.

Available classic colors include: Carbone Black, Rubino Red, Cielo Blue, Verdicchio Green, Fumo Silver, and Mandarino Orange.

Mike Plunkett, co-owner of Renaissance Wines in Hillsboro, Oregon whose store recently hosted the launch party for TorkScrew, said, “We see the TorkScrew as a valuable tool to start a conversation with our customers and to support our mission of dispelling the misguided perception that wines with a screw cap are somehow inferior.”

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