Sushi-Ushi – Ultimate Luxury Food Presentation by Vikki Smyth

Sushi-Ushi Vikki Smyth Inc.

For those with unique tastes and looking for cutting edge luxury gifts, then Vikki Smyth has something special for you. Vikki offers a high end, food-presentationware / luxury table top / gift line that will definitely please even the most demanding consumer.

Vikki describes her clientele as “people who are looking for uniqueness, whether it be in food, wine, fashion, travel, or in products.”

Vikki works with high end hotels such as Ritz’s, Four Seasons, and W Hotels, just to name a few. They use her unique goods for food display. Her signature piece is the Sushi-Ushi. This table top piece is quite a stunner, and is her biggest seller. Sushi-Ushi is unique, absolutely gorgeous, and her packaging is killer – it literally screams luxury!

Sushi-Ushi is define as “Playful Luxury at your fingertips”.

This award-winning, eye-catching food-presentationware platter suggests both intrigue and savoir-faire. Sleek and elegant, this one-inch-thick, clear rectangular platter rests upon an enticing arrangement of brilliantly colored acrylic blocks. Compelling presentation tantalizes your guests’ taste buds allowing your freedom of artistry to be expressed . . . the perfect playmate for a heightened culinary experience.

Sushi-Ushi is available in 3 sizes: 36”x6”w/24 blocks; 25”x5” w/18 blocks; and 20”x4” w/12 blocks.

Vikki Smyth just finished designing a brand new bath line exclusive to Encore Hotel in Vegas (Steve Wynn’s new hotel). You can find more information on her website.

Vikki also does custom work and has various clients that will request sculptural pieces. An example is she’s currently designing a 7 foot by 3 foot glittery guitar to be placed on a wall for a famous rock star.

To view all of Vikki Smyth’s fabulous product line, visit her website at:

Vikki Smyth Inc.
Phone: (310) 829-3937
Toll Free: (866) 417-0481
Fax: (310) 829-3929


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