Enjoy 5 Top Wines for Your Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

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The Thanksgiving holiday is wonderful time to enjoy the company of family and friends. Of course there is that tastey turkey or ham, plus all the side dishes and of course the mouth watering desserts.

But often, choosing the right wine to enjoy with your meal is overlooked. Forbes has put together a list of 5 top wines to help you find the perfect wine and food pairing.

As a general rule, if you are having turkey and its abundance of white meat, then choose a lighter red wine or a meatier white wine to go along with your Thanksgiving meal. Consider staying away from a bottle of Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc wine. You can’t go wrong with a delicious California Chardonnay as it would make an ideal choice.

Choosing a wine with a more fruit taste will also work well. Consider maybe a Rhone Valley wine from France or a bottle of Alsace wine.

A glass of nice wine is the perfect addition to make your Thanksgiving dinner a memorable one. You want to make it a VIP experience for everyone, so do a little homework up front and choose the correct luxury wine for all to enjoy.

Before you even begin to eat your Thanksgiving meal, start the event off right with a glass of champagne. Consider

A great recommendation is Henriot Cuvée des Enchantellurs 2000 (Price: $200 a bottle). A great choice from Champagne, France

Here is the list of 5 top wines. Enjoy the day, enjoy the company and make it a wonderful, holiday experience for all.

1) Corison Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 (Price: $100 a bottle)

From Napa Valley, California – a terrific red cab that teases with that hint of both old leather and cedar, due to the time honored, aging process. Be sure to decant approximately an hour before your dinner for the best taste.

2) Riesling Helfrich Grand Cru, Steinklotz 2008 (Price: $30 per bottle)

From Alsace, France – this Helfrich wine makes a great choice. The Riesling brings a perfect blend of lemon and honey, with a splash of Asian spices.

3) Etude Heirloom Pinot Noir 2007 (Price: $90 each bottle)

From Carneros, California – this balanced Pinot Noir wine is another great choice to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner. It includes full ripe fall blackberries for an undeniable and refreshing taste.

4) Chante-Alouette, M.Chapoutier 2012 (Price: $100 per bottle)

From Hermitage, France – a great sublime white with hints of white peaches and mangos. Oh so good.

5) Cristom Pinot Noir, Sommers Reserve 2009 (Price: $45 for a bottle)

From Willamette Valley, Oregon – another American Pinot Noir wine that is ready drink as soon as a pour a glass. It’s ripe taste will dazzle your taste buds.

We hope you enjoyed the above list of 5 top wines to try at your Thanksgiving dinner. Planning is key for a successful meal and dinner party. Go that extra step and choose your wines carefully.

Come back soon to read about other food and wine topics such as our list of the 5 top wines on our luxury blog. The Life of Luxury strives to provide the latest luxury news and we hope you enjoy what we do.


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