Moët Ice Impérial – Moët Champagne branded Goblets and Ice Bucket

Moet Ice Imperial
Moët Ice Impérial

Sure, drinking your favorite champagne at night or indoors is a delight but what if you want to try that during the day and under the sun?  Not so good.

Moët Ice Impérial has just announced a major innovation in champagne, just in time for the hot summer months.

As a new, cutting edge way of drinking champagne, Moët Ice Impérial allows you to enjoy your glass of champagne over ice while delivering a crisp, fresh, fruity and thirst-quenching flavor that rivals even the best summer cocktails.

The white & blue colored goblets from Moët Ice Impérial also includes Moët’s trademark black tie and gold medallion detailing.

Made specifically to be enjoyed in the daytime, Moët Ice Impérial exemplifies cool, summer sophistication.

The Moët Ice Impérial “Ice Pack” contains three bottles of Ice Impérial, 6 white Moët branded goblets and an ice bucket.

Moët Ice Impérial will be available now for the first time at nationwide retail stores and available online at for $189.99 and at other locations across the country.


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