Thomas Kinkade – The Painter of Light

The Guiding Light - Thomas Kinkade.jpg

Thomas Kinkade is self-named as the Painter of Light, which is a trademarked term, and he’s the most-collected artist of our time and likely the best-selling in history.

Kinkade’s artwork is essentially paint-highlighted, canvas-mounted “posters” of originals. His areas of specialty include: light-filled scenes of cottages, lighthouses and chapels, and seaside and pastoral landscapes.

His initial start to artistic stardom bega in 1984 when Thomas Kinkade and his wife, Nanette, set up a card table in a Placerville, California shopping center and they sold the first published prints of his paintings for the bargain price of only $35 each. Of course those originals are now worth thousands of dollars now. The art event was connected to one of many fundraisers that Thomas Kinkade has held for his hometown over the years.

“If you sell a painting, only a few people get to see it,” Kinkade explained. “But if you publish and sell a print, millions get to see it.”

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