The Montenegro Method – Exercise DVD and Diet Guide

Marta Montenegro exercise
Courtesy of: Marta Montenegro

Marta Montenegro is a Venezuelan-born journalist, and the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of SOBeFiT Magazine.

Marta is also a certified fitness trainer, in addition to being a strength and conditioning coach.

Marta Montenegro has recently taken her approach to training to the public by developing three different workout DVD’s.

For those that are active with busy lives, you know how difficult it is to find time to exercise.

Traveling take sits toll and two of the first things that many give up on are diet and fitness.

The three DVDs are fairly intense and blend traditional fitness and basic weight-lifting moves with various sports drills plus exercises such as plyometrics.

Marta Montenegro exercise DVD
Courtesy of: Marta Montenegro

So if you are having trouble getting down to the local gym, try The Montenegro Method and get you on the path to increase health and fitness.

Marta Montenegro’s recently released DVD’s and Diet Guide is just the answer and definitely won’t disappoint.

It’s a 3 DVD set titled “The Montenegro Method.”

For travelers, the DVD’s can easily fit into any carry-on and the exciting 21 minute workout still leaves plenty of time for those pesky business meetings or sight seeing.

The DVD’s offer both English and Spanish options, but the even bigger bonus is no equipment is required in any of Marta Montenegro exercise routines.

Use the MM21 Diet Guide to keep track of your dietary intake. The MM21 Diet Guide comes with over 60 meals and offers numerous variations to choose from while maintaining a life on the go.

For additional information, please visit: The Montenegro Method


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