The Luxury Mercedes 2010 E-Class

2010 Mercedes E Class
Courtesy of: Mercedes

The all-new Mercedes 2010 E-Class series of vehicles continues to prove just how advanced these German designed cars really are.

It’s obvious that one look at an E-Class car and you can quickly see the complete effort: planning, designing, testing, and overall driver luxury goes into creating a line of cars.

The E-Class has a feature called Attention Assist which is amazingly cool and incredibly brilliant. Mercedes mentions that that people who wrongly drive when they are tired and drowsy get into car accidents approximately 100,000 times a year. That is surprisingly almost as much as driving while intoxicated.

The Attention Assist feature monitors about seventy different parameters to develop a baseline of your driving habits. It then uses that data to compare it in real-time against your current driving habits.

As you begin to drive your car, the intuitive system automatically is monitoring different things that you do for the first 20 minutes. Variables are measured such as how aggressive you are with the steering wheel, braking patterns, and much more.

Once that personal driver baseline is determined, the car’s system then can decide if your patterns changed for the worse and then alerts you. The driver receives both an audible alert, in addition to a visual one in the instrument cluster.

2010 Mercedes E Class

Research conducted by Mercedes shows that drivers of their luxury cars typically have a heart-rate that’s reduced by 5% compared to other drivers of other brand vehicles.

Why you ask? Well, it seems the reason is because of how much attention Mercedes pays to the vehicle’s cabin and the entire experience of making the driver feel like a driver. A driver that’s driving safe and comfortable is more at ease.

Another intelligent feature on the new E-Class is named the Adaptive High Beam Assist. It uses a camera that views oncoming headlights and taillights of cars in front of you. Based on that information, it can automatically soften your headlights as other cars pass by to minimize the lighting so not to blind them.

The Adaptive High Beam Assist can actually switch between both your high-beams and low-beams automatically. Even more incredible … the whole system is totally automatic and will auto-adjust your headlights to compensate for 1,000 feet of road (including vehicles) in front of you.

Mercedes also offers another technological achievement titled the Pre-Safe Brake. It utilizes a feature called Distronic Plus that uses radar to detect whether another vehicle that’s front of you has stopped and actually stops your car in emergency conditions. The system works by sensing that a possible rear collision may occur and sounds three warning tones to alert you.

Although the Mercedes 2010 E-Class is loaded with features, the car is also very customizable. You can easily configure your car and turn on or off the array of advanced features as you wish.


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