The Iced Manicure – World’s First 10 Carot Diamond Manicure

Iced diamond manicure
Iced Diamond Manicure

You know the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Well Cherish Angula has clearly taken this to a whole new level in luxury pampering.

The Iced manicure by Cherish Angula is the ultimate luxury experience and is unparalleled, compared to any other manicure treatment you can find.

Now you can have your hands adorned in 10 carats of luxurious diamonds!

The Iced manicure service is exceptionally exclusive. It can only be obtained after an initial consultation with Cherish Angula and her team.

Wondering what to do with those diamonds? Cherish Angula offers an aftercare service that involves removing the diamonds. In addition, a jewelery service is available to use those diamonds in a piece of custom jewelry.

When asked about her custom iced manicure treatment, Cherish Angula answers, “Owning a nail art bar in London, I’ve always had a keen interest in creativity and expression. The iced manicure encapsulates the ultimate luxury treatment for women. It oozes absolute fabulousness with no frills, just diamonds! It’s a statement, an expression of individuality, personality and love for the finest things the world can offer.”

The price for an Iced manicure is an incredible $51,000 garners two firsts.

The Iced manicure is not only the world’s first only diamond manicure, but it’s also the world’s most expensive manicure.


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