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Image is everything.  Famed British chocolatier, the Chocolate, is taking the essence of that to a whole new level with their luxury chocolate.  After all, why not have the packaging match what’s inside?

Described by the luxury brand, Harrods of London, as “the most luxurious chocolate experience in the world.” After trying these “to die for” truffles ourselves, we wholeheartedly agree! The Chocolate is now enrobing its delicious chocolates in edible pure 24-carat gold, and then housing them in a Swarovski adorned boutique box.

Not saturated with sugar or high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, the Chocolate offers over 60% cocoa chocolates with its peak benefits: reducing blood pressure, reducing chances of diabetes, lowers LDL and raises HDL cholesterol.  Aside from being the most expensive food in the world, pure gold has also been suggested to have an impact on symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis and its usage complies with the European and American Food Additive Standards.

The Chocolate’s extravagant truffles are created with ingredients carefully selected from a small, artisan chocolate maker just outside Pisa, Tuscany.  The Tuscany Black 63% chocolate has won the coveted Academy of Chocolate Award of “Golden Bean” for best bean to bar in the world.

The cocoa beans are refined using the traditional granite stone mill to give the chocolates their smooth taste, and the cocoa beans are grounded to no more than 15 microns, which also adds to the smooth texture of the chocolates.  The industry standard is about 30 microns and the human mouth can detect a granule size of anything over 18 microns.

The Chocolate is a family run business that prides themselves on their pure focus and honest desire to create the best chocolate in the world.

Using recycled material for the box itself, each chocolate case is hand crafted so that no two boxes will ever be the same.  Between 200 and 450 Swarovski Crystals adorn each Bambina or Boutique box inside and out.  In addition, each box is numbered with its own certificate and is hand made in the UK.

Hand crafted boxes and the artisan truffles have proved that the Chocolate is applying chocolatier pride into all aspects their products.  The company’s chocolates range in price from from $32 USD to over $300 USD per box.

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