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New Google Android Phone by T-Mobile

T-Mobile unveiled the first Google Android platform-based phone, the first carrier to offer a device run on Google’s Android open source

Google Launches Chrome – Will the Browser Turn Golden?

News out today that Google Inc. is releasing its very own Web browser, called Chrome. This is a long-anticipated move targeted directly at Microsoft Corp’s dominant browser, Internet Explorer. IE is used by about 75% of...

Ex-Googlers Say Cuil is Cool

Anna Patterson used to work for Google, after quiting in 2006. But her efforts earlier in her career led to Google buying her Internet search engine technology in 2004, to upgrade it’s own system. Now...

Will Facebook Become the Next Google?

Facebook is the second largest social network on the web, second behind only MySpace in terms of site traffic. It began primarily focused on high school and college students, Facebook has been fast gaining market...