Tag Heuer Offers A Luxury Cell Phone – Meridiis

Tag-Heuer Meridiist - Luxury cell phone

Heuer Watch Company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. Heuer watches soon became well recognized for their high level of accuracy and workmanship. The precise watches were perfect for the timing of sporting events. Heuer soon found its market niche.

After almost 150 years of focusing on the watch industry, Tag Heuer is now taking aim at the luxury phone market. The company is offering us the “Meridiist”.

The Meridiist is Swiss-engineered and hand-assembled. Although the Tag Heuer Meridiist will cost you around $6,000 for the mobile phone, it seems to fall short on features justifying its lofty price.

For example, the features of the Meridiist don’t even come close to most of the ultra-luxury cell phones out on the market, such as the Vertu family of phones.

Similar to the AURA by Motorola, the Meridiist is produced by ModeLabs, which also a long history in timepieces.

Although Tag Heuer has been manufacturing sports watches and chronographs since 1860, we expect a lot from them. But I’m not sure they delivered enough value for the steep price.


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