Table Etiquette Tips for Travelers – Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Fine dining table etiquette tips for travelers

It’s always an enjoyable experience to travel around the world and experience different cultures.

Not only can we see the incredible sights of other countries but also visit top restaurants and take part in a fine dining meal.

But before you enjoy that meal, you should educate yourself with local customs, particularly regarding restaurant table etiquette.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts are the definitive experts on the concierge of food and beverage.

Their talented teams have put together an array of helpful, fine dining tips to assist out of town guests with proper table manners specific to the country they are visiting.

With advice on how to respectably pay the bill from Four Seasons Hotel Damascus to tips on the proper time to order your cheese course from Four Seasons George V, Paris, Four Seasons has plenty of suggestions to ensure you are not caught off guard by the local customs.

For more tips from the experts at Four Seasons on dining etiquette, please visit:


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