Stylish Valentine’s Day Necklace from Montblanc

Montblanc Valentine's Day Necklace
Courtesy of: Montblanc

To make this Valentine’s Day memorable, Montblanc presents its elegant Valentine’s Day Necklace. Declare your love for that special someone in your life with this stylish design necklace and elegant pendant symbolizing your true love and shared affection.

The charming combination of a pink-gold color heart, signifying eternal love, paired with the stainless steel star is a statement of grace and style.

The Montblanc star emblem represents the snow-covered peak of the Mont Blanc – the highest European mountains. The logo symbolizes the brand’s commitment to the highest quality and finest European craftsmanship.

Montblanc has long been an icon in the luxury market, offering a wide selection  of watches, writing instruments, jewelry, leather goods fragrance & eyewear.

Wear this proudly on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year. The layered pendants are tied tightly together representing a commitment of forever love.

Montblanc offers versatility in style – the adjustable leather cord allows you to change the length, or create a dramatically different look by changing the cord from brown to black.

Montblanc invites you to visit their Facebook Application at and discover the Valentine’s Day Necklace.

So take a walk over the Valentine’s Bridge with your personal “Love Lock”. Express your everlasting love in a secret message and send your Valentine the key to your heart.


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