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Steve & James outdoor furniture collection
Steve & James Collection

What has been apparent, is a growing trend in modern outdoor space design. The goal is to utilize small scale furnishings that can adapt to the challenges of town-home terraces plus urban patios.

Have you ever imagined a sectional sofa that could actually save you space outdoors? probably not. What about an outdoor dining set with overstuffed cushions and a dining table custom sized for six? Maybe only in your dreams.

Well the wait is finally over. Design team and longtime friends Steve & James have created a fresh, streamlined look in contemporary outdoor furniture with a new collection that debuts on

Designer James Casey and manufacturing specialist Steve Pellow had smaller spaces in mind when they created this line. Notes James: “I live in a city and I do not know anyone who has a big yard or patio. We wanted the pieces to be comfortable but not cumbersome.”

Small scale pieces will enable you to be both creative as well as offering you flexibility. In a small deck or patio you now have myriad choices. With these new small scale pieces you don’t have to struggle to adapt to your small space.

The outdoor sofas, lounge chairs and dining furniture feature muted tones of gray and white with splashes of bold primary colors. They are sized to accommodate today’s smaller scale of living space, with the convenience of having complete dining or lounging sets on an urban balcony or small patio.

High quality is a key element of the collection. “Steve and I formed a pact in the beginning that we would manufacture a high-quality product for an excellent price, and not try to grasp for ‘market-researched’ rungs on the price ladder.”

Product assembly and shipping costs were the final two points they were determined to conquer. “We didn’t want to task our customers with a large amount of assembly. We think we have struck a balance of excellent shipping efficiency with a minimum of steps when putting it together.”

Said James: “We are thrilled that our first collection has been met with some phenomenal feedback, and we can’t wait to see where we go next.”

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