Outdoor Range Products From EcoSmart Fire

EcoSmart Fire Cyl & Mini
Courtesy of: EcoSmart Fire

The summer and fall months are quickly approaching and what better way to add ambiance and appeal to your outdoor living space than with fire.

EcoSmart Fire (www.ecosmartfire.com) recently announced their Outdoor Range product line that includes three new luxury fireplace models, which can be used interchangeably between indoor and outdoor spaces.

As with all EcoSmart Fire products, the new Outdoor Range models are environmentally-friendly, designer fireplaces that are fueled by a renewable, modern energy (Denatured Ethanol) so they burn clean and are virtually maintenance-free.

The new Outdoor Range includes three new freestanding models – Cyl, Mini T and Lantern. Details about the new Outdoor Range products follow:

– Lantern: Lantern is constructed from mild steel with a bronze patina. Each side is decorated with an abstract cut-out pattern so that when the Lantern is lit, the pattern is enhanced by the flame, creating a visually dramatic fireplace. Lantern retails for $3,990.

EcoSmart Fire Cyl
Courtesy of: EcoSmart Fire

– Cyl: Cyl is a cylindrical shaped “tea light” inspired fireplace. Cyl features a stainless steel base and a cylindrical glass surround made of toughened glass panels which embrace the flame. Cyl retails for $1,990.

– Mini T: Mini T is a smaller version of its “big brother” Tower. Mini T features a brushed stainless steel base and a solid plinth, made from four toughened glass panels, which encloses the central, elevated flame. Mini T retails for $1,990.

Don’t forget about the tax advantage that is available. Through December 2010, the purchase of any EcoSmart Fire product qualifies for Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency, with customers receiving up to 30% or $1,500 in tax credits.

For additional product information, go to: EcoSmart Fire (www.ecosmartfire.com)


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