Stunning Lady 8 Flower Watch from Jaquet Droz

Jaquet Droz - Lady 8 Flower watch

Luxury watch brand Jaquet Droz released a new version of its classic Lady 8 Flower watch. This stunning luxury watch is perfect as gift for a loved one or to add to your personal collection.

The elegant Lady 8 Flower watch is the follow-on to the highly successful Lady 8 watch. It was introduced in 2013 and became an instant success and received worldwide praise. It was the initial ladies watch introduced by Jaquet Droz. The number 8 has an important meaning for the watch company. It signifies both infinity and completeness.

This gorgeous, luxury watch features two different, superimposed dials plus soft lines. The Lady 8 Flower watch is decorated with a lovely lotus flower. The watch owner can fold back the flower petals upon request. Now that is cool! The automation feature really is impressive and adds an amazing refinement quality.

Jaquet Droz continues to deliver cutting edge watches that not only offer technological advances, but timeless beauty. The lower dial was created with a mother-of-pearl. Absolutely stunning. The light reflects in dazzling display.

In addition, the luxury watch’s upper dial is spectacular. The lotus flower is found below a sapphire crystal dome. There is a button located at the 2 o’clock position. When pushed, the six lotus flower petals slowly open. What soon appears is either a briolette-cut ruby or sapphire in the flower’s center. The 18-carat white gold petals surround the luscious gemstone.

As you stare in awe at the opened flower, it will soon close up and return to its ready position. Therefore, it’s a fascinating automation feat from Jaquet Droz.

The watch case measures 35mm. The watch comes with a self-winding mechanical movement. You can view the two watch movements through the back of the watch. It comes with a 38 hour power reserve and is water resistant to 3 bar or 30 meters.

There are two colors to choose from. The Lady 8 Flower comes in either white or red gold. As a result, this watch is extremely limited edition. Only 8 pieces are available for each color.

Anybody who is luck enough to own this beautiful, luxury watch is luck. It’s literally a piece of fine art resting upon your wrist.

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Photo: Jaquet Droz


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