Sportalm Restaurant- Alpine Dining at the Munich Airport in Germany

Sportalm Restaurant- Alpine Dining at the Munich Airport in Germany

Waiting for your airplane flight can be a frustrating experience. Lots of people and boredom rules. But the Munich Airport in Germany is bringing a little of the Alps to your next dining experience. Enjoy the new Alpine-themed restaurant – Sportalm.

Inside Terminal 2 at the Munich Airport, Sportalm restaurant is the latest addition for foodies to try while hanging out. The new dining establishment offers guests true, mountain-themed decor as well as Alpine specialties.

Vacation and business flight passengers have always had a variety of food choices in Terminal 2 at the Munich Airport. But none as unique as Sportalm. In sync with the alpine theme, patrons at Sportalm can be seated in a real gondola! That’s right – wow. The gondola is the real deal. It actually comes from a ski lift. Once seated inside, you can enjoy views of rocky slopes, plus snowy peaks.

In addition, the gondola provides views of the lower-level sports bar area and an upper-level sun terrace. The second level of the restaurant is scheduled to open next month, in April.

Sportalm restaurant - Alpine Dining at the Munich Airport in Germany

But that is not all. The Alps theme is evident everywhere you look. The restaurant has an open concept so customers don’t feel packed in. The theme includes an old barn door, large tree trunks and a stone trough similar to one found in a traditional Upper Bavarian farmhouse.

Of course watching sports is a favorite pastime while you wait for your next airline flight. As a result, sports fans are in luck here. Enjoy your fave sport on big screen TV’s, while having a great meal.

The food here at Sportalm restaurant is quite delicious. Choose tasty items from the establishment’s natural, home-style menu. There is something available for everyone. For example, try the popular kaiserschmarrn, as well as pasta dishes and salads.

The Munich Airport was opened in 1992. It’s been dubbed an “airport city.” Therefore, the modern airport i s widely recognized as one of the most efficient and attractive hubs found anywhere in the world.

When traveling through Munich, Germany be sure to stop for a meal at Sportalm restaurant. Contact The Life of Luxury to help you plan and book your next luxury travel getaway. Our luxury blog is full of wonderful travel destinations.

Photo: Munich Airport


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