Sleep, Moving Into A Whole Other League

Luxury SpaFinder magazine, recently declared sleep the new wellness frontier.

And unlike some over hyped, must-try treatments, for which the only sensible course of action is to back slowly out of the room, smiling (the facial featuring nightingale droppings, the massage that slithers snakes across your back, having your toes read), this hot trend is actually sensible.

There have been many scientific studies that have linked the lack of sleep to poor health, increased stress levels and obesity.

American spas were the first to identify that a good night’s sleep is one sure way to a spa-goer’s wallet.

Some of the best spas even employ directors of sleep. Canyon Ranch, one of the U.S.’s most influential wellness companies, was a pioneer.

Other spas take a more holistic, chimes’n’chants approach. For example, the award-winning Red Mountain Spa, in Utah, holds regular sellout Sweet Art of Sleep Seduction workshops. These courses involve “fun and experiential” discussions, teaching various ways to create the correct environment for sleep.

While New York City might bask in its well earned reputation as the “city that never sleeps”, some of its residents really wouldn’t mind a bit more shuteye.  Full article


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