SK2 3300 LCR Loudspeaker by JBL Synthesis

JBL Synthesis – SK2-3300 LCR Loudspeaker

JBL Synthesis recently introduced its amazing SK2-3300 LCR Loudspeaker. The new SK2-3300 LCR loudspeaker incorporates driver technologies that are directly derived from the company’s flagship Project Everest DD66000 speaker.

This winning combination allows the new SK2-3300 LCR loudspeaker to deliver exceptional musical accuracy and fidelity in custom-installation multichannel home theaters and music systems.

The JBL loudspeaker features a heavily-braced enclosure that minimizes unwanted internal resonances; a curved front baffle to eliminate the “smearing” and colorations that can be caused by diffraction; dual binding posts that allow bi-wiring or bi-amping, and many additional refinements.

The 3-way, THX® Ultra2-certified SK2-3300 utilizes JBL’s most sophisticated driver technologies. A speaker’s compression drivers are used for the ultra-high and high frequencies to achieve both superlative dynamic range, plus transient response and resolution.

Employing a 3-inch beryllium diaphragm midrange/high-frequency compression driver, the SK2-3300 speaker operates in conjunction with a 100 x 60 Bi-Radial horn to deliver smooth, natural, richly detailed midrange and treble.

The SK2-3300 utilizes dual 10-inch woofers with cones that are treated with proprietary JBL Aquaplas material, which damps the cone’s internal resonances for more accurate low-frequency response with lower distortion. The woofers incorporate dual 3-inch heavy-duty edge-wound voice coils, neodymium motor structures and cast-aluminum frames to deliver articulate bass even at higher volume levels.

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