Simple Tips for Top Perks in Las Vegas

Fine dining comp

You’re standing in a crowded line, waiting for up to two hours for the incredible buffet at the Bellagio. It seems every time you glance over, there’s another “VIP” guest walking on in ahead of you. Now learn how to get top perks during your Las Vegas stay.

You can get mad or do something about it. Start cashing in on one of Las Vegas’ best kept secret – the perks.

You hear the stories about preferential treatment at the Las Vegas casinos, and free meals at the many fine dining restaurants. But where do you start to begin receiving your Sin City comps?

The key is to join a specific casino’s players club. Every casino in Las Vegas has a different players club program. Be sure to stop at the casino’s information desk and ask them what they have to offer you.

You’ll be surprised at what you hear and how the top perks very from casino to casino.

Once you have found a particular casino that you enjoy, it’s best to keep playing to maximize your top perks.

Now the key is once you obtain your casino players card, you need use it every time you gamble. Whether it’s at a slot machine, poker table or even Keno.

The casino will track and monitor how much you use your player’s card and how much you spend in their casino. You will be give a “rating” depending on what your spend.

It’s not rocket science here. The more money you spend with a particular casino, the better the comps you receive.

It doesn’t take along accumulate some nice casino comps – free restaurant meals, stage show tickets, spa treatments, and even hotel suites.

So be sure to get your players card and start gambling your way to some nice comps.


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