Silver Moon Desserts – Delicious Liqueur-infused Ice Cream and Sorbets

Silver Moon Desserts
Silver Moon Desserts

If you are looking for new holiday entertaining and fresh gift ideas, then place Silver Moon Desserts on the top of your list.

Silver Moon Desserts is an artisan line of award-winning liqueur-infused ice cream and sorbets, with a delicious taste that will definitely leave you begging for more.

In only two short years since the launch of Silver Moon Desserts, the company has quickly become a favorite among many top San Francisco Bay Area chefs and of course – discerning foodies.

What makes Silver Moon Desserts unique, is they take two after-dinner favorites — dessert and liqueur — and combine them to create a truly unforgettable dessert experience!

Silver Moon Desserts are sophisticated, adults-only delights made from fresh, natural ingredients, Real California Milk, and premier liqueurs.

It’s truly the ultimate, luxurious ending to any festive meal.

In 2009, Silver Moon Desserts earned a coveted industry honor, the sofi™ (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation) Silver Award from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade for Outstanding Product Line.

Silver Moon Desserts was launched in 2008 to serve the food industry (caterers, country clubs, and high-end hotels and restaurants) but due to high demand, last year the company expanded into retail.

Silver Moon Desserts
Silver Moon Desserts – Ice Cream

You can find Silver Moon Desserts’ sophisticated ice cream and sorbets that are packed in pints bearing whimsically chic imagery, in specialty retail locations throughout northern California. But for the rest of the U.S., Silver Moon Desserts now ships nationwide.

Silver Moon Desserts features a sophisticated line of eight sumptuous flavors includes premium spirits like Tennessee Bourbon, Cointreau, Frangelico and Limoncello – combined with all-natural ingredients, pure fruit, and Real California Milk.

So whether you’re planning a holiday party, wedding reception, family reunion, etc…. or looking for a unique delivered gift for family and friends, be sure to consider Silver Moon. You won’t be disappointed.

Take advantage and sign-up for Silver Moon Desserts “Sweet Talk” newsletter. You can win a “Heaven on Earth” ice cream party that’s given away each month. To sign-up, please visit –

Price ranges for delivered gift boxes of assorted flavors are from $30 to $72.

You can purchase pints and 1.5-gallon food service drums by calling (877) 778-8009 or visiting

We’re confident that after tasting a gourmet ice cream or sorbet from Silver Moon Desserts, you’ll be saying it’s “the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted.”


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