Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Adorned with Diamonds from Legend

Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone - Legend 24K gold

Specializing in bespoke smartphones, Legend just introduced a limited edition Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is an awesome cell phone that provides an exceptional user experience. The phone’s infinity screen is incredible. It offers brilliant colors and sharp imaging.

Legend has followed the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with their own limited edition versions. These luxury smartphones are quite stylish. With a VIP look, these bespoke mobile phones are adorned with stunning diamonds.

The made-to-order version from Legend is made with three versions – 24k gold, rose gold and platinum. For the first version, both the case back and bezel are plated with 24k gold. This is bling to the max. In addition, the well known Samsung was designed with a diamond halo plus enamel filling. The look is amazing and adds another level of sophistication to each Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

The embellishment of using VVS1 grade diamonds complements the 24k gold perfectly. The diamonds glitter with the reflection of both indoor or outdoor lighting. The look is truly luxurious.

Don’t think for a moment that these smartphones are being mass produced. Each is custom made based on a customer’d preference. Dome of the options you can consider when ordering are: hand engraving, custom logo, gemstone setting as well as exotic leather options. The result is really outstanding and will definitely turn heads.

You have several natural leather options to go with when choosing the exotic leather edition. Each phone is professionally inlaid by a master leather craftsman. Choose your leather to compliment your fashion taste. Be the talk of any social event. You can go with genuine lizard, crocodile or ostrich leather. How about stingray or shark leather? Each is distinct, but all are ever so classy.

A nice compliment to the natural leather version is the use of genuine blue diamonds. Therefore, the blue diamonds in the Samsung logo perfectly match the blue crocodile leather. Stand out in a crowd and look sharp. These stylish, custom cell phones exude class and sophistication.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus smartphones are a bit pricey. So are the custom versions from Legend. Any of the three metal plated versions will run 2,790 Euro (US $2,993). The natural leather versions will cost 2890 Euros (US $3,100). The prices do include express shipping anywhere in the world.

With graduations coming up or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, these gorgeous phones will make an ideal luxury gift. Don’t follow the other sheep, break from the pack and stand out. Show your VIP swagger with one of these custom, Legend smartphones. In addition, each phone comes in a classy presentation box. Each Galaxy phone also arrives with certificate of authenticity, enclosed in a leather folder. Nice touch Legend!

Contact us today if you want to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone from Legend. Our concierge specialists can assist in locating and buying that perfect luxury gift. Return to follow our luxury blog for more hi-tech stories.

Photo: Legend


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