Rough Rider Leather Messenger Bag by WaterField Designs

Rough Rider Leather Messenger Bag by WaterField Designs

WaterField Designs manufactures custom-fitted, high-quality cases and bags that are available for a wide range products including: laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, e-readers plus other digital gear.

WaterField Designs just announced the release of their Rough Rider Leather Messenger. It’s carefully designed to carry high tech gear—a modern bag but has a unique, Old West charm look and ruggedness.

The Rough Rider Leather Messenger bag features a clever compression strap system plus rough leather edges and clean lines. The end product is a stylish piece that combines a look to appeal to professionals, cafe regulars, as well as travelers.

The design of the shoulder strap system keeps the contents of the bag compressed, so the bag looks slim and neat. It also positions snuggly against the body for a comfortable carry. A leather handle sits conveniently at the top for a quick grab.

The Rough Rider is built of rugged and naturally-tanned leather. The interior is unlined with natural edges to reveal the leather’s top, premium quality. A hint of colorful nylon (six different colors) under the leather bag’s flap allows for organized customization.

The laptop bag has a main compartment that will hold a 13-inch laptop or tablet, in addition to other items such as files, chargers and other necessities. There are two deep, waxed canvas pockets inside the main compartment. Also, find two additional scratch-free, lined pockets underneath the flap. This is ideal for keeping either an Apple iPad mini and your personal smartphone safe.

Every detail of the Rough Rider is engineered with precision. The Rough Rider Leather Messenger is priced at $335. The bag’s dimensions are 15″ x 10.5 x 3.5″.

The Rough Rider Leather Messenger bag comes in your choice of the following colors – Distressed, “Grizzly” brown, and naturally-tanned leather with color accents in black, copper, grass, pine, flame, or pearl.


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