Saddam Hussein’s Palace – The World’s Next Luxury Hotel ?

Presidential Palace - Saddam Hussein - Luxury Hotel
Photo: Al-Saadi/Getty

Although Saddam Hussein is dead, his infamous legacy will live on forever.

We’ve all seen how he exploited his country’s riches, building lavish palaces for himself and his family. Now you will soon have the opportunity to stay in one of his very own palaces.

Iraqi officials are looking for ways to revive their country’s tourism industry. They want to convert Saddam Hussein’s Presidential palace into a world-class hotel. Even better, they plan to turn the former dictator’s bedroom into the honeymoon suite with a cost of $220 per night. How creepy is that?

On the upside, you would have romantic views of the mighty Euphrates River and the biblical city of Babylon.

The massive estate of Saddam Hussein’s is located about 60 miles west of Baghdad.

The palace is an Iraqi tourist draw today. It attracts approximately 1,000 locals daily. They pay a small fee to look at the building and to picnic on the grounds.

Source: NY Daily News


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